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Welcome to our cat oil pet portraits gallery. Nicholas has been painting cats for clients worldwide for over 25 years. He traditionally hand paints all of his cat portraits on beautiful Linen Canvas using the finest quality oil paints. Nicholas is continually commissioned by clients all over the world. If you would like any information or advice on your cat portrait please don't hesitate to email or message us at any time. We look forward to working with you soon!

Cat Portraits from Photos

Nicholas usually work from one main photo for the pose of your cat portrait. He can use others for detail. Take a look at our photography tips page which you might find helpful when taking photos of your cat for a portrait. High quality photos are absolutely key for the basis of a detailed portrait and if you are thinking of commissioning a cat portrait form either of us, try to set aside some time in your day to take some photos of your cat in various poses. Keep snapping away over the days or even weeks, to get the perfect photo for your portrait. It really will be worth it!

Hand Painted Cat Portraits

As you can see from the cat portraits in our gallery, Nicholas spends hours standing at his easel hand painting his cat portraits with much care and attention. They are highly realistic, however still hold a painterly feel. He paints light and shade into his paintings which is the key for creating a realistic three dimensional cat portrait. Above all though, Nicholas' main aim is to capture your cats personality and character and focus on the eyes. Cats eyes are so expressive, every minute change in shape, they are saying something different. We communicate with their eyes and Nicholas portrays each and every cat he paints expressively.

Framed Cat Portraits

Sometimes clients ask if we can add a cats favourite toy or blanket to their portrait. If you can is still with us, we are happy to work with you on getting photos of your cat with these items includes. If your cat has passed away, we can help you take photos of the toys or blankets at the correct angle so that we can amalgamate them with your chosen photo of your cat. Just drop us a line with all of your photos and we will be able to give you plenty of ideas to choose from.

A Portrait of 'Your' Cat

We love hearing about your cat and its character, to truly create a portrait of 'your' cat. Why not message us and let us know about them. This goes a long way to knowing what your cats character is really like when drawing and painting them. It also helps when we are choosing the photo for the basis of the portrait and also knowing how you would like to see your cat within the painting. You will be looking at the artwork for many years to come, so it is really important to get the right look and feel. Especially in the eyes! If you look in particular at the three cat portraits above, the eyes are so expressive. Thats what our work is all about.

Double Cat Portraits

If you are looking at having a portrait of two or more cats painted together, we can create this for you. As long as you have plenty of photos of both cats, either separately or together. Sometimes its lovely to have a mix of both so that we can see the size differences and quite often there are ones of them together that we can uses as the basis of the portrait. Paintings of multiple cats do warrant a larger size, so you ideally should be looking at the 18 x 14 size. We can often create two head studies on the 16 x 12 size too, its all photograph dependent though so we can discuss this when you send your photos.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
It is absolutely amazing I am beyond happy with it. It really looks like her I showed it a couple of people and they thought I was showing them the picture.....Its perfect thank you so much again.
Kind Regards

Oh my goodness, Frankie's portrait is, well again, beyond my words to describe. It seems 3-dimensional, and the color is stunning. For the fifth time I am truly amazed at Nick's skill. You'd think I'd quit being 'blow away' by his talents .... I am so thankful that I found you both! I have numerous people who what to see the oil once it's safely here. Again, please tell Nicholas how much we appreciate him and what he's brought to our home.
Gary White


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