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Pet Portrait Artist Commission Information

Commission Information

If this is the first time you have commissioned an artist to paint or draw a pet portrait for you, this page might be just the right place for you to start.

We have been accepting commissions for 22 years. We are very experienced in not only understanding our customers needs and requirements, but we also pride ourselves in the friendly and professional service we provide.

We have many returning customers which we are very proud of. We have portrayed generations of dogs, cats and horses for our customers over the years. We have been with them at their most difficult times in their lives, supporting them and bringing back the wonderful memories they shared with their best friend.

If you require any help with your pet portrait commission, you are always more than welcome to email or call us in our studio Monday to Friday 9 - 5pm and we will be happy to guide you all the way through the commissioning process.


Step 1 - View our Prices

You may like to visit our pet portrait prices page to find out how much a pet portrait costs. If you have specific ideas for your portrait, emal us your photos and we can create a tailored quote for you.


Step 2 - send Photos

We work from one main photo for each animals pose and can use others for detail and essential information about the pet portrait commission. If commissioning artwork depicting more than one animal in a scene, it can be useful for us to see a group photo of the animals together. This helps us to judge size relationships between each other. For the actual drawing or painting though, we can often work from individual photos and put them together in the scene ourselves.

We can't stress enough how important good quality photos are. The majority of the time we are unable to meet the pets we paint and draw, so your photos are our only insight into what they are like. Photos are absolutely key - the better quality the photos, in reality, the better the pet portrait will be. Have a look at our pet portraits from photographs help page, as it might give you a good idea of the kind of photos we like to use.


Step 3 - We create a Mockup

Commission Information

Once you have emailed us your photos at the highest resolution you have them, let us know what kind of pet portrait you are looking to have. We offer Pet Portraits in Pencil or Pet Portraits in Oils. Let us also know the approximate size you are looking to have. We can then start to design the portrait for you with your ideas.

We use an iMac and the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to create a 'Mock-Up' using your photos. This enables us to go back and forth with our clients to make sure the composition is perfect and exactly what our client wants.

As an example, the photos here were taken of three gorgeous Dachshunds. Our clients wanted a pencil drawing of them all together in a line. So I placed the photos on a new page in Photoshop, erased around the edges, turned it into grey scale and moved each photo around until I was happy with the composition.

The mockup was then emailed to the client so they could see what their pet portrait could be like. Clients can give feedback and confirm the placement and size relationships between each dog.

It means we all know what the pet portrait will look like before putting pencil to paper. Please note that the mockup is digital and watermarked when sent to clients. It is not the final artwork. All of our artwork is traditionally hand painted and drawn by ourselves. The mockups are only intended to be a guide as to what the final portrait could look like.


Step 4 - Pay a Deposit

We next ask clients to pay a deposit of £200 for the pencil drawing or £500 for an oil painting. We invoice each cleint where they can pay securely online. If you would prefer to make payment over the phone, you can call us in the studio. This will save your space in our commissions list. We work on a first come first served basis and like many pet portrait artists we are always booked up in advance. If you have a portrait you want to give as a gift for someone special and the date is fairly soon, we do offer bespoke pet portraits gift vouchers »


Step 5 - Framing & Engraved Plaques

Pet portraits framing

Many clients opt for us to arrange framing. It is completely optional but we have found clients love to receive the artwork all framed and ready to display on their wall. Our framers work on a 4 to 5 week timetable, so we like to make arrangements with our clients as soon possible.

We work with three companies for framing who provide us with the most exquisite frames, from traditional wooden frames to ornate swept frames. Our swept and moulded frames come in gold, silver and painted colours along with gilded gold and silver leaf.

We also work in conjunction with an engraver who engraves plaques in gold, silver and bronze to fit the correct size for the kind of frame you are commissioning. This is a great way to add the name of your pet on the frame.

We have plenty of options for frames and plaques and clients can see a handful of our previous commissions in our - Bespoke Framing Gallery »


Step 6 - Pay the final amount

We require the final payment to be made just prior to starting the artwork. When your pet portrait has risen to the top of the commissions list we will email you a secure link, in the same way clients pay for the deposit. This will be for the remainder of the payment for the portrait and shipping plus framing and plaques if required.


Step 7 - We create your portrait!

During the painting process we take photos of the artwork for our client to see and email them to you direct. We don’t take photos of the pencil drawings in stages, only the oil paintings.


Step 8 - Final Photo

Each pet portrait drawing and painting is photographed and then emailed to the client for approval. If there are any areas needing to be tweaked, they can be done at this stage. We post the final photos on our blog once the portrait has been received by the recipient.


Step 9 - Packing and Shipping

It often takes us many hours to pack our pet portraits, particularly the larger oil paintings. This is a very important stage. After all of the time and effort we put into our artwork, they must be packed really well. We have very high standards when it comes to packing our portraits. Our drawings are NEVER rolled in a tube as this can damage the paper. Our paintings and drawings are flat packed using hardboard each side, along with bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box as the outer layer. Why not head over to our 'Pet Portraits Case Study' page to see our packing process with photos for peace of mind.


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Well he arrived today - and I "daren't" (see how I'm picking up so quickly) tell you that he sat on the porch for 2 hours! I work from home and get a lot of FedEx packages for work and they just drop them off. I heard the doorbell ring, but thinking it was them forgot about it. Anyhow, he was safe and sound : ) As for the portrait itself, I'm just speechless. He is beyond stunning. Just brilliant! There is not one thing I could alter. And I'm so glad I went up on the size as he is literally life size which I didn't realize he would be. It's like he's just sitting in the room with me. He's just beautiful - as beautiful as he was in real life - I could not be happier!! I'm a big sap and of course cried, but they are happy tears. I'm just so thrilled to be able to have this wonderful memory of him to carry with me always. He was such a special boy - there is not a day that goes by I don't think about him - so to have this to see everyday is just wonderful. It's just so very special. I can't thank you enough of course!!!! :) so THANK YOU!!!


Visit next...

If you are interested in following a live commission - a portrait from the initial contact with our client, all the way through the framing and packing of the portrait - head on over to our Pet Portraits Case Studypage. it really does give our prospective clients a good idea of how the entire process works. If you would like to send us your photos and chat about commissioning your own pet portrait, you can email or call our studio at any time - Contact Us!


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