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Cat Portraits - Realistic Cat Portraits in Oil and Pencil

Welcome to our cat portraits gallery. As you may already know from perusing our website, my name is Melanie and I create all of the cat portraits in Pencil. Nicholas, my husband, specialises in the beautiful oil paintings cats. We have been painting and drawing cat portraits for over 22 years and are able to capture the true character and likeness of your cat in a realistic way.

We are commissioned from all over the world and clients send us photo for us to portray them for both themselves and as gifts for friends and family. The pencil drawings are hand drawn on Italian paper, a very timeless and classic way of portraying your cat. Our oil paintings are hand painted by Nicholas on Italian linen canvas, and I'm sure you can see below from the previous commissions how absolutely incredible they are.

You can find a selection of our lifelike and detailed cat portraits below in both oils and pencil. We also have a dedicated cat portraits website too if you would like to see more of our cat portraits, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and send us photos of your cat!


Cat Portraits - Dudley

Kirstie received one of our Gift A Portrait vouchers from her family for a cat portrait in oils of Dudley as a special birthday surprise. Sadly Dudley passed away during the commissioning process so the portrait serves as a wonderful reminder of their beautiful and stunning cat. As you can see from the photos, the first top image is the oil painting traditionally hand painted by Nicholas. Then we have a photo of the oil painting displayed in Kirstie's home with her other cat Roly and a detailed photo of Nicholas painting the cat portrait in oils. We then have two photos of the cat portrait framed along with the beautiful engraved brass / bronze plaque. Kirstie and her family were thrilled with the oil painting and you can read one of Kirstie's emails below....

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
We do appreciate your writing at such length today when you should be enjoying a weekend break and it has been an absolute joy watching the video. Words cannot express our delight with the framed portrait - I was in tears it is so beautiful. Everything about it is perfect. Thank you so much again for all your painstaking trouble keeping us updated, it has all been great fun and it is hard to believe that Dudley will soon be hanging on our wall.
Best wishes to you both, Kirstie
cat portraits oil


Cat portrait of Milly & Molly and Purdy

Alan and Amanda asked us if Nicholas would paint a portrait of their cats Purdy, Milly and Molly. Sadly Purdy passed away so Amanda wanted to have a painting of her from a favourite photo. As they were having Purdy's portrait painted, they felt that they couldn’t leave out their other two cats Milly and Molly! Alan came to collect the paintings as you can see from the photo below . Amanda very kindly posed with the oil paintings when they were displayed in their home! Both cat portraits were framed in our Ornate Pewter frame. We hope you like it!

cat pet portraits oil
Hi Melanie, Alan got back at 11.15 last night.. it was like Christmas day.. I am so very happy.. what a talent Nicholas has. I will treasure these paintings always.. please pass on my thanks to your framer also.. the frames are beautiful.. I've shown so many people your website, everyone is impressed with how the girls look. My sister remembers Purdy fondly and she almost cried when she saw her portrait.. as I did.. I hope you know what you do brings happiness to many people. With many thanks to Nicholas for our beautiful portraits. And to you for your help and contact during this process. Many thanks always.. Amanda x x
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Cat Portrait of Puff

We have been painting and drawing cats for over 22 years and one of our favourite cat portrait commissions was of Puff, who loved sitting with his owner Jeff at the computer curled around his keyboard. Jeff took a quick snap of Puff in his favourite position and never thought any more about it, until very sadly Puff passed away quite suddenly. Kristin, Jeff's wife, wanted to surprise Jeff with a cat portrait of Puff so he could be forever in their office. The photo Jeff took was used as the basis for the oil painting and Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting Puff. The cat portrait now hangs in their office, just behind the computer, where they can always remember their beautiful and characterful cat called Puff.

Hi Melanie! Here is our beautiful portrait of Puff, you can see the keyboard on the desk is the one in the portrait where he loved to sit :) What a gorgeous masterpiece, thank you again!! Kristin and Jeff
cat portraits oil


Cat Pencil Portrait of Penny

Jeanette contacted me to ask if I would be able to draw her beautiful cat called Penny. She wanted a cat portrait to celebrate her 50th birthday and emailed some fabulous photos of Penny for me to see. Jeanette had taken some amazing photos of Penny outside in her garden with natural light which is perfect for a portrait. I have added a final stage of the pet portrait below, along with photos of Penny next to my pencils. Jeanette very kindly emailed some photo of Penny when she was framed too.

Hi Melanie,
The portrait looks fab, you have captured her personality, we cannot wait to see the original. We really would like to see the photos of the portrait with your pencils! Thank you so much, it is beautiful, you have certainly have the skill to capture a true likeness.
Many thanks, Jeanette xx
cat portraits pencil

If you would like us to paint or draw your cat for you, don’t hesitate to send us your photos. Tell us about your cat along with their characteristic - we love hearing about the cats we paint or draw. Don’t hesitate to contact us today »


Cat portrait in pencil of Padstow

Clare and her family emailed me to ask if I would create a cat portrait of Padstow. Claire said..."Padstow was our baby boy Ragdoll that died last Christmas aged 8 months. It has taken me this long to find someone whom I feel can do him justice." I was thrilled and honoured that they chose me to portray him. Clare emailed some photos that they had of Padstow, I was happy to get started. I took a photo, mid drawing when our dog Lily decided to sit at my though she was the artist!! Clare was thrilled with the finial drawing and very kindly emailed me a photo of Padstow framed. You can also read a testimonial from Claire below too.

Hi Melanie, We managed to have Padstow framed in time for Christmas, we are over the moon with it. We ordered special glass for the picture which gives a much clearer picture than standard glass used. We really can't thank you enough for what you have done, it is perfect and we still can't get over how much of a true likeness it is to Padstow and the way you have captured his expression. Friends and family have been so very impressed with your drawing and all have said how perfectly you captured Padstow's look. Even Pumpkin climbed on the sofa, spent five minutes looking at your picture and it really held her attention, we thought she had forgotten him but there was definitely some interest in the picture. Once again many many thanks and we will be in touch as soon as we have decided on our next portrait. Kind regards, Claire x
cat pet portraits pencil

If you would like to see some of our cat portraits in progress we post our portraits daily on our 'Art Studio Blog' so that you can see what we are getting up to in the studio. Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of our website too! Art Studio Blog »


Cat oil Portrait of Frankie Blue Eyes

Nicholas has created a number of paintings for Gary over the years and in 2017 he contact us again to ask if we could create a cat portrait of Frankie Blue Eyes. Sadly Frankie had passed away and Gary emailed us..."Frankie, as we called him, was a snowshoe Siamese Cat, his colors were gray and white. It's quite a sad day for us, as you can imagine, among all the kitties we've had he was special. He was a rescue and made it to almost 13 years of age." We were really happy to work with Gary again, as Frankie loved to play with his toy, this was Gary's favourite photo. We have added a final stage of Frankie's oil painting, a photo of Nicholas painting, a close up detail along with a photo of the cat painting when it was framed by Gary's framer. We love working with Gary, you can read one of Gary’s emails below.

Oh my goodness, Frankie's portrait is, well again, beyond my words to describe. It seems 3-dimensional, the color is stunning. For the fifth time I am truly amazed at Nick's skill. You'd think I'd quit being 'blow away' by his talents .... I am so thankful that I found you both! I have numerous people who what to see the oil once it's safely here. Again, please tell Nicholas how much we appreciate him and what he's brought to our home.With gratitude to both of you, Gary
cat portraits oil


We rely on our customers to take or provide really good photos of their cats for us to create portraits from. If you are able to take photos of your cat outside, this is ultimately the best way to capture your cats detail and fine fur. Natural lighting is also a great way to capture the sparkle in their eyes. Light in a painting or drawing is very important to help create the three dimensional form of your cat.


Cat Pencil Portrait of Max

Max was a very special cat portrait commission that will stay close to my heart always. Rebecca emailed to ask a very unusual request. Could I draw their dearly departed cat Max, plus also include some of his ashes and a whisker in the portrait. I was very happy to do this! The photos of Max were beautiful, he had such stunning blue eyes that it was a shame not to include them in the pencil drawing. So I discussed with Rebecca the possibility of creating them using a mixture of watercolour and coloured pencil. I added small amount of colour to my cat portraits in the past so I knew this would work well. Rebecca mailed me some of Max's ashed and a few of his whiskers. I was unable to add the ashes into the actual drawing, however i used them to create his name and I lightly glued one of his whiskers onto the portrait as his actual whisker. It all worked out beautifully. We had our framer frame the portrait and as you can see from the photos below, it all came together beautifully! Rebecca and her family were delighted as you can read below.

Oh Melanie.....Just unwrapped the portrait.....I had a weep!!!!It is absolutely have captured the essence of his character....My husband spotted the whisker first....and the name is perfect. Thank you....will send a picture shortly. We have put him in our extension and will wait for some good light....after all he was a sunshine pussy cat! Thank you he's now back with us, Cheers, Rebecca
cat portraits pencil


Cat Pencil Drawing of Pixie and Boots

Howard purchased one of my cat portraits gift vouchers as a Christmas gift for his wife as he wanted her to have a pencil portrait of their two cats Pixie and Boots. Julie was thrilled and took some lovely photos of their cats..although they are very difficult to photography. She took some of the photos out side in the garden which helped for lighting. I have added a photo below, which Julie sent when the cat portrait was framed with her local framer, displayed in their home. I have also added a final stage and photo of my hand working on the pet portrait.

Hi Melanie, You have captured their personalities beautifully. I'm really pleased with it; I wanted it to be of a 'significant' size and not look cramped. We did attempt to take some photos of them with the portrait but they are not performers and now it has turned too hot so they aren't keen on being handled! Best wishes. Julie
cat portraits pencil


Cat oil Portrait of Ginger and Maggie

Irene contacted us to find out if we would be able to paint her two cats for her. She said in her initial email..."I have been looking at your website for a long time, ever since my precious girl, Ginger passed last March. Her litter mate sister, Maggie, was her best friend, she grieved for a long time after Ginger's death. So, this is why I would like to have an oil portrait of both of them and perhaps their favorite toys." Irene emailed us all of the photos she had of Ginger and Maggie, we used separate photos for each cat and the blanket and managed to create a comforting composition of then both including their toy mouse. We also framed the painting for Irene and she was you can read below!

Dear Melanie and Nicholas, We are very grateful for your wonderful care of us and to Nicholas for creating such a miraculous painting of my two loving girls. When we received the bundle and my husband and I opened it, I started crying, the only words he was able to say was "Oh wow!". It truly is magnificent and as you said, the photos of the painting do not do justice to the beauty of this painting in vivo. I am hoping that we can have Tony, my big boy, pose for a painting of his own. Maggie will probably accompany him because she is everyone's friend, ever caring and loving girl. Thank you so much Melanie! Thank you very much dear Nicholas! Grateful, Irene and Bob
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Cat Portrait of Sally

Gary, a returning client, emailed out of the blue one day with a request to paint Sally their beautiful kitten who had suddenly passed away. Sally was a rescue and was much loved by his wife Barb. She missed Sally greatly and so Gary asked if Nicholas could once again paint their family a portrait, hoping it would arrive in time for Christmas. We were so sad that Sally had passed so young and were happy to create a portrait for Gary and Barb. Gary only had one photo of Sally as she was so young they hadn’t had a chance to take many photos. You can see the portrait below along with a photo and the painting framed. Gary emailed us once their portrait had been presented to Barb which you can read below.

Tears came to my eyes when I first looked at Nicholas's efforts. I know Barb will be overwhelmed with joy and emotion when she sees her little Sally captured so splendidly. Please tell Nick that no one is better at capturing Kitties in oil. Just wish Christmas was coming sooner, but it will be here in due time. I will attempt to take a picture of Barb opening Sally on Christmas....
Stay cozy in that little piece of heaven which you and Nick have created ..... Wales is a wonderful place, I'm sure ..... we hope one day to visit.
Best always to you and Nicholas,
Gary Merry Christmas, Melanie,
cat pet portraits oil


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