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Oil Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to Nicks traditionally Hand painted pet portraits in oils on Italian Linen canvas. Nick paints all animals from dogs, cats, horses to farm animals in landscapes. If you have a good quality photo that you love, Nick will be able to paint it for you.

If you click on each portrait below, you will be able to view a larger version of the oil painting, a detail from the portrait itself, information about the portrait, the reference photos Nick used, along with the clients testimonials.


We also include photos of the portraits framed if Jane our framer has framed them, or when clients frame their own portraits, they often take photos of us when the paintings are framed and on the wall in the clients home. If we are lucky the clients and pets pose too!

If you are interested in having an oil painting by Nicholas, you are more than welcome to email at any time.

pet portraits oils top pic
sheltie pet portraits english bull dog pet portraits race horse portrait
pet portrait paintings chow chow oil pet portrait beagle oil pet portraits
oil painting horses spaniel oil on canvas
cat pet portraits
cat portraits oil
Milly and MollyView Oil Portrait >>
bull dog pet portraits rottweiler oil painting cat oil portrait
horse painting
bull terrier portrait
oil horse linen portraits
View Oil Portrait >>
schnauzer pet portrait
schnauzer pet portrait
pointer pet portraits
Minnie and Chester
View Oil Portrait >>
racehorse-portraits horse and rider painting
Merchant of Dubai
View Oil Portrait >>
Corrine and Mr Tom
View Oil Portrait >>
large horse oil painting bull dog pet portraits
View Oil Portrait >>
black labrador oil paitings
chocolate labrador oil pet portraits
spaniel pet portraits
rottie pet portraits
View Oil Portrait >>
flat coated retriever painting landscape dog and people pet portraits
Henry and Daisy
View Oil Portrait >>
german shepherd portrait collie pet portraits
Kali, Grace and Zarah
View Oil Portrait >>
Sam and Scooby
View Oil Portrait >>
horse oil painting Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall
Gatsby, Missy and Moriarty
View Oil Portrait >>
The Three Kings (nearly)
View Oil Portrait >>
dog portraits in oils rhodesian ridgeback painting
Manu and Haka
View Oil Portrait >>
horse oil portraits horse painting

Rocca Fella

View Oil Portrait >>

horse oil portraits south african boerboel pet portrait
View Pencil Portrait >>
grehound racing portraits samoyed pet portraits
Express Shuttle
View Oil Portrait >>
kitten portraits two cat portrait
equine horse portrait horse portrait full body study
cat painting rottie pet portraits rottie pet portraits
SamsonView Oil Portrait >>
rottie pet portraits
horse jumping horse portrait oils
cat paintings oil white cat portraits
horse portrait oils
TabathaView Oil Portrait >>
Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall Horse Portrait In Oils By Nick Beall
Khrisma, Beau and Eric
View Oil Portrait >>
landscape dog pet portraits
View Oil Portrait >>

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