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Pet Portraits in Oils by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to Pet Portraits in Oils by Nicholas Beall. Nicholas' traditionally hand painted pet portraits in oils on Italian Linen canvas are truly exquisite. Painting all animals from dogs, cats, and horses and occasionally people in landscapes he sits at his easel and paints portraits full time for commission. He has quite a waiting list, so if you are looking to have a portrait painted, contact us as soon as possible if you are looking to have a portrait painted for a specific date. We can guarantee that if you have a good quality photo that you love, Nicholas will be able to paint it for you.

If you click on each portrait below, you will be able to view a larger version of the oil painting, a detail from the portrait itself, information about the painting, the reference photos Nicholas used, along with the clients testimonials. We also include photos of the portraits framed and you can see videos of some of them too.

When clients frame their own pet portraits in oils, they often take photos for us when the paintings are framed and on the wall in the clients home. We always include these wonderful testimonials to our pages and if we are lucky the clients pose alongside their pets too. If you are interested in having an oil painting by Nicholas, you are more than welcome to email at any time. Let us know your ideas and tell us all about your pet today!


Portrait Orientation Paintings

Nicholas has been painting pet portraits for over 20 years in a variety of mediums, however he feels that oils are his preferred medium for capturing an animal. Oil are a wonderful medium for creating long flowing fur, sleek coats and expressive eyes. He is able to create movement within each painting due to the versatility of the medium. Nicholas works from photos, so all he requires is a range of good quality, clear, close up photos which you feel capture the personality and character of your pet.


All of the portraits here are previous commissions and because Nicholas works closely with each client, they are able to view the portrait develop on our Studio Diary and we email the final scan just in case there are any final tweaks required. This way Nicholas is sure that each client is 100% satisfied. Nicholas's oil portraits can be so realistic, we have had clients tell us their dogs growl and bark at the painting. They often seem to recognise themselves on canvas! Some clients have even mentioned that if the dog Nicholas has portrayed has passed away, their other dogs seem to recognise the portrait of them. Incredible!


All of the portraits here in the oil pet portraits gallery are previous commissions and the images here are clickable. They will take you to a larger page where you can read more about the commission, view the pet portraits progress in stages, along with the final portrait and some close up details. You can also see more information about the portrait and clients pet portraits testimonials. Nicholas's hand painted oil portraits are impressive when hung on the wall, they really take your eye when you walk in the room and can quite easily become the center piece to the room itself.


Landscape Orientation Paintings

No other medium gives quite the realism and lifelike quality that an oil painting can create, especially for a pet portrait. The overall effect of an has a very impressive, detailed, luxurious quality, and Nicholas's style of painting is very soft and delicate, using very fine brush strokes. Every animal can be portrayed in this medium and you can have a full background of your choice. Garden scenes are popular, as are fields or woods your pet frequently walk in. As long as you can provide the photos of the places, Nichoals should be able to replicate this on canvas for you. If you would like us to provide background photos, just let us know the kind of scene you require and we can provide a range for you to choose from.


All of Nichlolas's clients are able to view their work in progress on our Studio Diary where we update it daily with the portrait that is on his easel. There is always something happening so each time you go there you should be able to view a new piece of work or a new stage in the process of a painting. We have also started to create videos of Nicholas's paintings which you can see on our pet portraits videos page.


Square Paintings

Nicholas's oil paintings are painted on professionally stretched medium grain Italian Linen canvas and you can read about our canvases on our Pet Portraits Materials page. Clients can have their portraits framed, or hang the canvases as they are. If you would like to hang your portrait unframed please let us know as Nicholas will paint not only on the front of the canvas but the side as well and Jane our framer creates hanging fixings on the back to hang straight on your wall the moment it arrives!


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