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Pet Portraits Commission Information

by melanie & nicholas

Pet Portraits

Welcome to our Pet Portraits Prices and Ordering Information page. This is quite a large page of information as it's a collective of the various pages on our website to give you everything you need to know about our Pet Portraits in one place. Hopefully it will guide you in the commissioning process. If you need any help, just drop us a line or give us a call from our pet portraits contact page and we will be happy to help.

Pet Portraits Prices & Sizes

The first thing you probably need to know is how much our portraits cost? You will see below that we certainly aren't the cheapest, however our work is in demand and it speaks for itself. We work full time in our purpose built garden studio, we are professionally trained and have been accepting commissions for pet portraits for around 20 years, we have many years of experience. We are extremely dedicated in what we do and have waiting lists for our paintings and drawings.

You will find by looking at the pricing table below, the cost of your pet portrait can depend on many of factors, including medium, size, scenic or studio backgrounds along with the number of pets in the portrait. The table below is a general guide and we are always happy to hear from clients if they would like to discuss their options and ideas for a portrait. Its always important for clients to email us their photos prior to ordering to make sure we can work with them and within their timetable before placing a deposit.

Use the drop down list to convert to your currency


    • Oils

      • 12" x 10" = £1900
      • 16" x 12" = £2500
      • 18" x 14" = £2900
      • 20" x 16" = £3500
      • 24" x 18" = £4500
      • 30" x 20" = £5500
      • 30" x 24" = £5900
      • 40" x 30" = £6700
      • 48" x 30" = £7500
      • 48" x 36" = £7700
      • 54" x 42" = £8500
      • 60" x 48" = £8700
      • 66" x 54" = £9500
      • 72" x 54" = £9700
      • 72" x 60" = £10500
    • Place a Deposit
    • Pencil

      • 12" x 10" = £550
      • 16" x 12" = £650
      • 18" x 14" = £700
      • 20" x 16" = £750
      • 20" x 20" = £800
      • 24" x 18" = £900
      • --------
      • 18" x 14" Montage = £800
      • 20" x 16" Montage = £900
    • Place a Deposit
    • Framing

      • 12" x 10" From £100
      • 16" x 12" From £110
      • 18" x 14" From £120
      • 20" x 16" From £130
      • 20" x 20" From £150
      • 24" x 18" From £180
      • 30" x 20" From £200
      • 30" x 24" From £250
      • Larger Sizes Available

Shipping and Extras

UK Shipping - Below 18 x 14 - £25 / Above - £40
Pencil Worldwide Shipping - Below 18 x 14 - £25 / Above - £60
Oil Worldwide Shipping - Below 18 x 14 - £80 / Above - £130
Bespoke Plywood Crates for Shipping - from £100
Second and subsequent pets - Oils £100 / Pencil £50
Scenic backgrounds in oils from £100
Gold, Silver or Bronze engraved Plaques - £45

Place a Deposit

As soon as we have seen your photos and arranged the type of portrait and its design and size, and you are happy with our waiting list, you are ready to place a deposit. Read our terms & conditions in full and then place a non refundable deposit to save your space in our client list. We accept most major debit and credit cards securely on our website. Clients can email to set up bank transfers and installments. (Sorry we are unable to accept cheques). Clients can also order over the phone by calling our studio on Tel: +44 (0)1559 384628 Mob: +44 (0)7855 582109. We invoice two weeks prior starting for the final payment. Place a Deposit >>

Order a Gift Voucher

We offer free delivery on all of our gift vouchers boxes. Please allow 3 days for UK delivery and 7 - 14 days for overseas. Overseas December orders are sent UPS to guarantee delivery before Christmas at a cost of £30. Last orders for UPS mail is Monday 19th December 2016. After this date we recommend using our email voucher service. Order a Gift Voucher >>

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Choosing your photos

One of the most important aspects of our work are your photos. The majority of the time we are unable to meet the pets we paint and draw, so your photos are our only insight into what they are like. Photos are absolutely key and the better quality the photos, in reality, the better your painting or drawing will be. We cant stress enough how important photos are. In an ideal world we would prefer to work with only digital camera photos, however we understand how easy it is to snap away with a mobile or tablet. If you are going to use a mobile, or you are embarking on taking new photos, please do read our Photography Guide as clients often find it useful. Please email as many photos as you have, at the highest resolution you have them, that are good, clear and sharp, along with information about your favoruite photos. Perhaps let us know which are the best photos to work from for colour (if you are having an oil painting) and which captures their personality or character the best. We can then start to design the portrait and can even create a mockup using your photos in the computer so that you know what the final composition will be like.

Watch your painting progress on our Studio Diary

Many clients, when they first visit our website, miss our Studio Diary. Its essentially a blog where we post news from the studio. You can see what we are painting and drawing on a daily basis - our work in progress. To ensure that every client is 100% happy with their portrait, when the artwork is complete, we email a final scan of the portrait for the clients approval. Any final amendments or alterations that clients need us to make can be done at this stage.

Clients love to watch our artwork develop on our Studio Diary. This allows clients to feel part of the process and clients can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of every page on our website to receive a round up once a week on a Friday so that you don't miss a thing! We also add our studio diary posts on our facebook, and Google+ pages, you can follow our videos on You Tube and also see candid photos from around the studio on Instagram.


Bespoke Framing and Engraved Plaques

Many clients opt for our framing service. We work with two companies for framing, our local framer Jane who provides us with traditional wooden frames and we work closely with a framers in Essex (UK) who create swept frames and one of a kind bespoke frames in gold, silver and painted colours along with gilded gold and silver leaf. We then work in conjunction with an engraver who engraves plaques in gold, silver and bronze to fit the correct size for the kind of frame you are commissioning. We have plenty of options for frames and plaques and clients can see a handful of our previous commissions in our framing section here >>


Pet Portraits Materials

Some of our clients are interested in the materials we use, to get a fuller understanding of what their painting or drawing will be like. This can be very helpful if you haven't commissioned a pet portrait before. We have collated a page dedicated to our materials along with lots of lovely photos to view. We hope you enjoy viewing it. Pet Portraits Materials >>


Contact Melanie and Nicholas for a Pet Portrait

After reading this page of information, hopefully you have a better understanding of how everything works. The next thing to do is to drop us a line with your photos, which you can do from our contact page and we look forward to working with you soon! Contact Melanie and Nicholas for a Pet Portrait >>


Studio Diary Friday Roundup!

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