pet portraits by commission

Oil Gallery - by Nicholas Beall

Pet Portraits Oils

Welcome to our gallery for pet portraits in oils. Nicholas specialises in the oil paintings and I, Melanie, specialise in the pencil drawings.

We paint all animals, dogs cats and horses. We have even been commissioned to paint and draw parrots and budgies ....along with sheep, pigs, cows and ferrets!

The oil gallery below shows just a few of the paintings that Nicholas has created for clients over the last few years. He is always booked up in advance and so if you are looking to have a painting for a special date, do let us know as soon as possible.

Click each portrait below to view a larger version. You can also see a detail of the painting, information about the commission and the reference photos used. Clients have written us wonderful testimonials for their portraits and often they email photos of them with the paintings too which we absolutely love. We include those on the larger pages too along with photos of the portraits framed.

You are more than welcome to email us at any time if you would like to commission a pet portrait.

Dog Portraits Framing

Framing Pet Portraits

We can offer our clients a wide range of framing options and work with two wonderful framing companies. Our framing service is completely optional, however if you don’t have access to a professional local framer, we can make all the arrangements for you.

We have access to hundreds of different frame styles and mouldings. Clients can let us know the kind of frame they are looking for and we can work with you and show you examples to get the perfect frame for you. Whether you like gold, silver, bronze, traditional woods, painted colours, ornate, plain, swept or moulded we always find something that matches our clients home décor and tastes.

Visit our framing page to view some previous commissions and read about the framing companies we work with. We can also provide engraved plaques in gold, silver and bronze and you can also find details of this in the framing section too.

The photo left is of Ariel the horse which was framing using our Gold Swept frame along with a gold engraved plaque too - Framing »


Pet Portraits Testimonials

Pet Portraits Testimonials

We receive many wonderful emails and photos from our pet portraits clients. One recent photo we love is of Rob and his painting of Sonny. You can see Sonny's painting in Nicholas' gallery below.

Gill commissioned the painting of Sonny as a surprise for her husbands birthday. She sent us this wonderful email below which we were thrilled to receive. If you would like to see more of our testimonials, pop over to our pet portraits testimonials »

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Today is Rob's 50th Birthday and he is absolutely delighted with the portrait Nicholas painted of Sonny, it is like having him back again (Sonny died last September at the ripe old age of 16 1/2).
The likeness is remarkable, from the warmth in his eyes to the wet nose! The quality of the painting is stunning, thank you so much.
Many thanks for exceeding our expectations and for the friendly and efficient service.
With very best wishes Gill x


Taking Photos for your Pet Portrait

Pet Portraits Photography

Taking or providing photos for a portrait is one of the most important steps for a portrait.

We are often unable to meet your pet, so it is imperative that you provide us with clear, focused, good quality photos. The photo right, was part of a range of photos of a spaniel called Cookie, which turned into an oil painting as a surprise gift a few years ago. This photo is great, although Cookie has a bone in her mouth, the client got down on Cookies level and filled the camera screen with her full body.

Digital cameras are ultimately the best device for taking photos of your pet, however we understand that many clients only have tablets and mobiles. Just like Nicholas and myself, we are snapping our dog Lily form our iphones all the time. These can work, as long as you adhere to a few rules! Take photos outside in natural daylight and definitely fill the screen with your subject.

We have a full page of tips and hints on our 'taking photos for a portrait' page. Why not pop over and have a look. If you need any help you are more than welcome to email us at any time! Pet Photography Tips »


Watch Your Portrait Develop

Pet Portraits in progress

All of Nicholas' clients are able to view their work in progress on our On The Easel blog where we update it daily with the portrait that is currently on his easel. There is always something happening so each time you go there you should be able to view a new piece of work or a new stage in the process of a painting.

Nicholas works closely with each client and they are able to view the portrait develop and once complete we email the final scan just in case there are any final tweaks required. This way Nicholas is sure that each client is 100% satisfied.

Nicholas's oil portraits can be so realistic, we have had clients tell us their dogs growl and bark at the painting. They often seem to recognise themselves on canvas! Some clients have even mentioned that if the dog Nicholas has portrayed has passed away, their other dogs seem to recognise the portrait of them. Incredible!

Nicholas has been painting pet portraits for over 20 years and feels that oils are his preferred medium for capturing an animal. Oil are a wonderful medium for creating long flowing fur, sleek coats and expressive eyes. He is able to create movement within each painting due to the versatility of the medium On The Easel »



Pet Portraits Materials and Studio

Pet Portraits Materials

No other medium gives quite the realism and lifelike quality that an oil painting can create, especially for a pet portrait. The overall effect of an has a very impressive, detailed, luxurious quality, and Nicholas' style of painting is very soft and delicate, using very fine brush strokes.

Every animal can be portrayed in this medium and you can have a full background of your choice. Garden scenes are popular, as are fields or woods your pet frequently walk in. As long as you can provide the photos of the places, Nicholas should be able to replicate this on canvas for you.

Nicholas' oil paintings are painted on professionally stretched Italian Linen canvas and you can read about our canvases on our Pet Portraits Materials and Studio page. Nicholas paints all animals he stands at his easel and paints portraits full time for commission. He has quite a commissions list, so if you are looking to have a portrait painted for a special occasion, contact us as soon as possible. If you have a good quality photo that you love, Nicholas will be able to paint it for you.Pet Portraits Materials »