Latest Pet Portraits - Hot Off The Easel!

Welcome to our 'latest pet portraits' page - hot off the easel! We thought we would showcase a selection of our drawings and paintings here and update this page as often as we can. We are always very busy in the studio, so hopefully we will be able to add quick posts below of our latest work. If you would like to read a monthly round up of whats been happening in our pet portraits studio and little welsh cottage, pop over to our monthly blog.

Ella - March 2023

Our client Robyn commissioned an oil painting of Ella for her family. Nicholas painted her at 16 x 12 size. You can see the finished painting below, along with photos of it being packed ready to send.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
We are thrilled with the portrait. You have done a great job!
Many thanks

Latest Pet Portraits

Betty - February 2023

Amy commissioned a lovely pencil drawing of her mums dog for her birthday. The drawing was so much fun to create, Betty is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you like it!

Hi Melanie,
Just to confirm I received the portrait yesterday and my mum has it now - absolutely loves it! Thank you very much!

Latest Pet Portraits

Alfie - February 2023

Alfie was commissioned for a big birthday surprise by Lisa and her family for her mum. As you can read from the testimonial below, they were all over the moon with the painting!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas!
I can't thank Nicholas enough for the painting! I am so thrilled with it - he really has captured Alfie's personality and character so well. We used to walk him daily up the woods and it was always his favourite place to be so that background choice seemed very fitting. I'm sure my mum is going to love it just as much as I do and it'll look fantastic on our walls! Best wishes,

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
So we presented my mum her portrait of Alfie the other day and she absolutely adores it! She thought it was so brilliant and captured Alfie perfectly! We are currently holding off putting it up until we can get it framed and I'll be sure to send you a photo once we have it done! Thank you so much again to you and Nicholas - it was the perfect idea for her birthday and you both have been fantastic.
Thanks again!
Lisa x

Latest Pet Portraits

Seven Dogs - December 2022

The pencil drawing of the seven dogs qas a pretty epic one to draw, all in good time to get it to the USA for Christmas. Georgia loved the outcome and you can read her email below when she recieved it.

Hi Melanie,
Your masterpiece arrived and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your work Melanie. Your work is second to NONE!!! You captured each of the dogs beautifully and I just know my friend is going to be left speechless. Patti, is a very dear friend of mine who has done so much for me during our friendship. I felt I could never reciprocate properly to her all she’s done for me but now I know I’ve given her something she will love and cherish for a lifetime. I can’t wait for her to see your work. Melanie, you are a very gifted artist and I must also compliment your packing and your presentation box. It’s lovely and I’m taking pictures of it to show my friend.
Have a wonderfully happy holiday season Melanie and again thank you so very much. Your web sight is beautiful and draws the viewer in by the stunning work you display in it. It caught my eye right away and I knew YOU were the artist I wanted to do my work. One of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made.
I’m sending you a huge hug of thanks and good will.

Latest Pet Portraits

Rasha - December 2022

Our client Joel commissions Nicholas to paint his wife's horse Rasha which she lost decades ago. We were given a very old photo to work with but it had just enough detail. Nicholas made a splendid job of the painting and I have even added an early stage so you can see how the painting started so to speak.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Just wanted to tell you the portrait arrived safe and sound today. It looks awesome! Absolutely love the detail! Thank you and Nicholas for such a beautiful painting! I can't wait to give it to Heather at Christmas!
Thanks again!
- Joel

Latest Pet Portraits

Kipling - December 2022

Maria and family were keen to have a frontal image of Kipling surrounded by 4 corners of smaller studies of different poses, one of which would be him with his younger 'brother' Percy who is a young black lab. Maria's idea was that in a couple of years when Percy is mature she would get a portrait of him as the main focus with Kipling with him in one of the corners. The drawing came out beaufully and Maria and her family were delighted.

Dear Melanie,
Finally, Kipling came back from the framers yesterday! There have been all sorts of delays for various reasons so it has been a long wait but we are absolutely delighted with the end result. He looks magnificent!
The plan is to be in touch again in due course to do the same again for Percy the black lab.
Thank you again.
Best wishes

Latest Pet Portraits

Hudson and Hannah - November 2022

Our client Kaylyn emailed to ask if we would be able to paint her two Boston Terriers Hudson and Hannah as a gift for her mum. Kaylyn was delighted with the final painting and you can read her amazing email testimonial below. I have also added a video of the finished painting for you to see it in more detail.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
I love it! Wow, Nicholas did an excellent job, I cannot stop looking at it. I’m so excited.
I want to thank you for this wonderful experience. In addition to the painting being so well done and beautiful, you’ve been great at communicating about the process and updates. I’m so excited to have this painting and will reach out for future portraits.
Thank you very much,

Latest Pet Portraits

Meg - December 2022

Returning client Helen and her family commissions a pencil drawing of her dearly loved and recently passed cat called Meg. I was so sorry o hear about Meg and so did my very best in creating a portrait for them that they would be able to cherish. Meg was a 12 x 10 pencil drawing on Italian watercolour paper.

Dear Melanie,
I can't tell you how much I have been longing to see Meg's portrait! Oh my goodness, it was worth the wait! It is stunning and brought tears to my eyes at the absolute likeness to her. I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you so much.

Latest Pet Portraits

Monty - October 2022

Andrew contacted both Nicholas and myself enquiring about having a oil painting of his dog Monty holding his favourite toy at 16 x 12 size. The painting was to be a surprise birthday gift for his wife. I have added a few photos and also a couple of videos for you to see below. I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, It's lovely, I'm sure she will love it! Andrew.

Latest Pet Portraits

Boone - July 2022

Arlene contacted us to ask about having a painting or drawing created of her cat called Boone. She had many photos and was unsure of the size to have or whether to have a drawing or painting. We created Arlene a few mock-ups to show her what a drawing or painting much look like, using her photos, and a few ideas of size and shape and Arlene opted for a lovely oil painting at 16 x 12 size. Arlene was thrilled with the outcome as you can see from her email when she saw the finished painting for the first time below.

Good Morning!
It is BEAUTIFUL! ! !
I cannot wait to see it here in person!
Thank you so much!

Latest Pet Portraits

Patton - June 2022

Gene emailed us in April 2022 enquiring about a 12x10 Oil Commission of his dog Patton. The photos were lovely and Nicholas was able to create a beautiful oil painting of Patton for them to remember him by. Gene and his wife were delighted and moved by the final painting as you can read below.

My wife wept. Nothing needs to change. Its perfect.

Latest Pet Portraits

Flipette - March 2022

Laurent was given a gift voucher by a friend for a 16 x 12 pencil drawing for a portrait of his gorgeous dog called Flipette. The portrit was an absolute joy to draw and once complete it headed off to France to the happy recipeint.

hello, Melanie
Amazing it is really Flipette.
Your work is remarkable looking forward to seeing it in real life and making my comment.

Latest Pet Portraits

Wallace - October 2021

Beth commissioned Nicholas to paint an oil portrait of Wallace for her daughters wedding in New York. The portrait was a 12 x 10 oil painting framed in our Regent frame too. Wallace was so well received, it was the perfect gift! You can see a photo of Catlin and Ryan and a lovely email from Beth below too.

Hi Melanie, hope you are well. The portrait of Wallace was an immense hit! The pictures are not that great but as you can see from Caitlin's face she was shocked and thrilled! I was so proud of my girl that they waited until we got there to open the package! Wallace is now hanging in the living room in a place of honor. The Wedding went perfectly, the guests all had a great time and the weather in New York was outstanding. I could not have asked for a better time.
Again, many thanks!

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Max - September 2021

Minoo called us to ask if we would be able to paint a portrait of their much loved family member, a Bichon Friese called Max. Max had sadly passed away a few weeks prior and the whole family were missing him terribly. Minoo had some specific ideas of how she wanted the painting to look, so we came up with a number of mock-ups until we found the perfect design, which included a velvet blanket Max loved. Minoo and her family posed for a photo with the portrait, they all loved it and were thrilled to have Max home where he belonged.

He’s here safe and sound! Even more beautiful than the photos. Can’t stop crying. Thanks for the letter. Will do family photo next week when Natalia is back from London. You and Nicholas are miracle workers.
I now need to get used to looking into his eyes without crying. It’s so real.
Nicholas has truly captured him and it’s about the same size as Max 💜💜💜

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Toby - June 2021

Returning client Debbie White (UK) commissioned a portrait of their beautiful Jack Russell Toby as a surprise gift for her husband. Debbie wanted the portrait of Toby to be full body with background similar to a previous painting Nicholas created. We love the peaceful setting and the photo Debbie supplied us was superb. The portrait was a 14 x 11 oil painting on linen canvas.

Hi Melanie
I was just talking to Neil about Toby and wondered how it was going with his painting, when I noticed your email. We are over the moon with it thank you. We look forward to receiving the finished framed version.
Thanks again
Debbie x

pet portraits

Pippa & Gus - May 2021

Returning clients Harlan Crow and his family have commissioned a number of oil paintings of their dogs over the years. The most recent were of Pippa and Gus as Christmas gifts for the family. Each painting also has a specially commissioned hand carved frame made for each portrait. The framed have significant items and motifs carved associated with each pet, along with their names on them. The paintings look incredible in these stunning frames and you can see them all gathered in family's home on their stairway below.

Good morning Melanie,
So excited the portraits are finished and are ready for shipping!
The portraits look lovely, and I will send a photo to you once they are hung. 🙂
Thank you and Nicholas for all your hard work!!

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Sarah March 2021

Returning client Tracy Maguire and her family commissioned this portrait of Sarah as a lasting memory of her. Nicholas painted her to the size of 16 x 16 inches framed with our Traditional Wood Frame. Tracy sent some beautiful emails to us during the commissions process, one of which is below.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
I wanted to let you know Sarah's portrait arrived safely today by DHL. Not surprisingly, given Nicholas' skill, I cried seeing Sarah's happy smile and warm eyes. Give me a few days to get my emotions under control and I'll pen a glowing review for your web site. Until then, thank you for Sarah and continue to stay safe.
Tracy Maguire

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Joey - December 2020

Returning client Ben commissioned a portrait of their new puppy Joey. Ben and his wife Marisa rescue dogs and currently have 4 Beagles and we have either drawn or painted them all, along with their previous dogs too. Such a wonderful family and probably one of our favoruite clients from the last 25 years! This painting was a 10 x 8 oil painting on Italian linen canvas.

Marisa LOVED LOVED LOVED her Joey portrait. She can't stop showing anyone she can show, she loves how detailed it is. And I think our choice of going with a painting this time was the right thing, she comments often that Joey is a unique soul and his portrait is also unique when next to our others (not to diminish how much she loves them all of course).
Thank you and Nicholas again so very much. It is so beautiful and was a highlight of our otherwise VERY mellow holiday.
Hope you are well. Talk soon!

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