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Pet Portraits in oils by Nicholas Beall

Welcome to Nicholas' pet portraits in oils gallery of dogs, cat and horses by Nicholas Beall. The traditionally painted pet portraits in oils depict just a handful of paintings Nicholas has created for clients in the last 25 years. His pet portraits are painted using traditional oils stretched linen canvas. He paints oil pet portraits full time for a living in our dedicated Pet Portraits Studio and loves every minute painting. We would love to hear from you, email or WhatsApp us at anytime to chat about your requirements.


Beth commissioned Nicholas to paint an oil portrait of Wallace for her daughters wedding in New York. The portrait was a 12 x 10 oil painting framed in our Regent frame too. Wallace was so well recieved, it was the perfect gift! You can see a photo of Catlin and Ryan and a lovely email from Beth below too.

Hi Melanie, hope you are well. The portrait of Wallace was an immense hit! The pictures are not that great but as you can see from Caitlin's face she was shocked and thrilled! I was so proud of my girl that they waited until we got there to open the package! Wallace is now hanging in the living room in a place of honor. The Wedding went perfectly, the guests all had a great time and the weather in New York was outstanding. I could not have asked for a better time.
Again, many thanks!
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The horse portrait of Elle was commissioned as a birthday surprise by Hannah for her boss to give to his wife of her horse. The oil painting, created by professional horse portrait artist Nicholas. It was traditionally hand painted at 24 x 18 size and as you can see was absolutely stunning. The close up of the nose will show you the softness Nicholas creates in his work. The recipient was thrilled. Hannah sent me a text to say how overwhelmed the recipient was by it and how it captured Elly perfectly!

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Returning client Debbie White (UK) commissioned a portrait of their beautiful Jack Russell Toby as a surprise gift for her husband. Debbie wanted the portrait of Toby to be full body with background similar to a previous painting Nicholas created. We love the peaceful setting and the photo Debbie supplied us was superb. The portrait was a 14 x 11 oil painting on Italian Linen canvas, framed using our traditional Flat Frame.

Hi Melanie
I was just talking to Neil about Toby and wondered how it was going with his painting, when I noticed your email. We are over the moon with it thank you. We look forward to receiving the finished framed version.
Thanks again
Debbie x
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Mitzy's Cat Portrait

The oil painting of Mitzy was commissioned by a wonderful client here in the UK called Helen and she commissioned an oil painting of their dearly departed cat called Mitzy. Helen had some amazing photos of Mitzy laying on a table which were perfect for an oil painting. Photos are absolutely key when commissioning a portrait. The better quality the photo the more we will be able to see and add into your portrait. As you can see from looking at the portrait below, Nicholas was able to paint a beautiful painting of Mitzy for Helen to give to her husband on Christmas day. We also had the portrait framed by our frame, the frame is hand made and hand finished, it is simply incredible and works so well with Mitzy. View a lovely testimonial from Helen and see a photo of Helen's husband with the painting at Christmas in 2018.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Oh my goodness, what a stunning portrait! I had tears in my eyes at how lifelike it is. Nicholas is a very talented man and we are so lucky to have had him capture to perfection our wonderful cat! The detail is unbelievable - even the reflection of the windows in Mitzy's eyes, in fact the more I look at it the more detail I notice and I am in awe! Please pass on our heartfelt thanks for creating this stunning portrait that will be treasured for ever. And thank you too Melanie for the great emails organising the portrait and informing of its progress. Thank you again
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Minoo called us to ask if we would be able to paint a portrait of their much loved family member, a Bichon Friese called Max. Max had sadly passed away a few weeks prior and the whole family were missing him terribly. Minoo had some specific ideas of how she wanted the painting to look, so we came up with a number of mock-ups until we found the perfect design, which included a velvet blanket Max loved. The painting was framed in our highgate frame with an engraved plaque too. Minoo and her family posed for a photo with the portrait, they all loved it and were thrilled to have Max home where he belonged.

He’s here safe and sound! Even more beautiful than the photos. Can’t stop crying. Thanks for the letter. Will do family photo next week when Natalia is back from London. You and Nicholas are miracle workers.
I now need to get used to looking into his eyes without crying. It’s so real.
Nicholas has truly captured him and it’s about the same size as Max 💜💜💜
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Kirstie received one of our Gift Vouchers from her family for a cat portrait in oils of Dudley as a special birthday surprise. Sadly Dudley passed away during the commissioning process so the portrait serves as a wonderful reminder of their beautiful and stunning cat. The portrait was framed by our framer along with the beautiful engraved brass / bronze plaque. Kirstie and her family were thrilled and you can read one of Kirstie's emails below

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
We do appreciate your writing at such length today when you should be enjoying a weekend break and it has been an absolute joy watching the video. Words cannot express our delight with the framed portrait - I was in tears it is so beautiful. Everything about it is perfect. Thank you so much again for all your painstaking trouble keeping us updated, it has all been great fun and it is hard to believe that Dudley will soon be hanging on our wall.
Best Wishes to you both, Kirstie
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Pippa & Gus

Returning clients Harlan Crow and his family have commissioned a number of oil paintings of their dogs over the years. The most recent were of Pippa and Gus as Christmas gifts for the family. Each painting also has a specially commissioned hand carved frame made for each portrait. The framed have significant items and motifs carved associated with each pet, along with their names on them. The paintings look incredible in these stunning frames and you can see them all gathered in family's home on their stairway below.

Good morning Melanie,
So excited the portraits are finished and are ready for shipping!
The portraits look lovely, and I will send a photo to you once they are hung. 🙂
Thank you and Nicholas for all your hard work!!
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Returning client Ben commissioned a portrait of their new puppy Joey. Ben and his wife Marisa rescue dogs and currently have 4 Beagles and we have either drawn or painted them all, along with their previous dogs too. Such a wonderful family and probably one of our favoruite clients from the last 25 years! This painting was a 10 x 8 oil painting on Italian linen canvas.

Marisa LOVED LOVED LOVED her Joey portrait. She can't stop showing anyone she can show, she loves how detailed it is. And I think our choice of going with a painting this time was the right thing, she comments often that Joey is a unique soul and his portrait is also unique when next to our others (not to diminish how much she loves them all of course).
Thank you and Nicholas again so very much. It is so beautiful and was a highlight of our otherwise VERY mellow holiday.
Hope you are well. Talk soon!
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Returning client Tracy Maguire and her family commissioned this portrait of Sarah as a lasting memory of her. Nicholas painted her to the size of 16 x 16 inches framed with our Traditional Wood Frame. Tracy sent some beautiful emails to us during the commissions process, one of which is below.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
I wanted to let you know Sarah's portrait arrived safely today by DHL. Not surprisingly, given Nicholas' skill, I cried seeing Sarah's happy smile and warm eyes. Give me a few days to get my emotions under control and I'll pen a glowing review for your web site. Until then, thank you for Sarah and continue to stay safe.
Tracy Maguire
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James Greenwell emailed in 2017 to enquire if we would be able to complete a portrait for his wife Serena. it was to be a complete surprise and sent over a number of photos of Inca for us to review. One photo stood out to use as being perfect for the portrait and Nicholas used this as the basis for the painting. You can see how delicately Nicholas has painted the portrait of Inca. We framed the painting too in the most exquisite frame called Hampstead and if you head on over to our framing page you can also see video of Incas painting too!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Serena has just unwrapped the picture of Inca and is delighted with it. Thank you and Nicholas very, very much. It was very well wrapped up, which is ideal to ensure no damage in transit. Serena now says we must get you to do a painting of our daughter Davina’s horse (Dirk). Maybe one with horse AND rider – so watch this space.
Many thanks again. Jamie X
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Richard Bedford contacted us in 2019 to ask if we would be able to create an oil painting for his wife's birthday. The portrait was to be of his dog Stella who had sadly passed away, sitting in front of their holiday cottage in Wales. Sally Anne was thrilled with the portrait and you can read more about the portrait on our gallery page.

Hi Nicholas,
Its looking great, I am excited to see the finished portrait. Richard
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Sue Griffith, enquired about having a painting of her daughters horse called George. He is a huge part of their lives and at aged 19 they wanted to have an oil painting of him before he greyed any further. The painting of George was created at 20 x 16 size and they were both delighted with the finished result as you can read below.

Wow, it's AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much, the likeness is absolutely staggering.  Nick has captured George to a tee and we can't wait to see the original, but know we shall always treasure it.  We simply cannot thank you enough and find it hard to find the words to tell you just how delighted we are.
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The portrait of H was commissioned by Mal Podmore for his wife's birthday in 2019. It was also framed in our Belgravia frame, which is a simply stunning frame. Why not have a look at H in more detail on our dog gallery page.

Melanie & Nicholas,
I have this morning received the portrait of H all in great condition. I am extremely pleased with the overall detail and quality of the whole portrait. It is truly amazing, the frame and portrait all go together superbly well.
Thank you both so much for literally a fine piece of art.
Kind regards
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The oil panting of Roly was commissioned by previous client Kirstie, as a birthday surprise for her husband. Gordon was absolutely delighted with his painting and you can see a photo of him below along with the portrait framed. if you would like to read more about the portrait, pop over to Roly's dedicated cat portraits page on our cat site.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Gordon cannot stop gazing in wonder and awe at this portrait, and wants to keep  touching it because it is such a true likeness....
Kirstie and Gordon, Roly and Archie xx
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The oil painting of Keo was hand painted by Nicholas in oils on linen canvas and framed using our Regent frame. We also had an engraved plaque made and the whole ensemble works so well together. Lindsey commissioned the oil painting as a surprise for her husband and a joint gift for both of them to enjoy. Nicholas really loves painting Weimaraners - if you have a Weimaraner similar to Keo please do get in touch, he would love to work with you!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Thank you again. We can’t wait to get it here and hung up so please thank Nicholas for working so hard for us :)
Best wishes
Lindsey x
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Aspen and Sukie

Jennifer, USA, emailed our studio to find out if we would be able to paint a surprise oil painting for her husbands birthday in 2018. We were delighted and Nicholas was thrilled to have the opportunity to paint two beautiful Great Danes. Jennifer requested a 16 x 12 oil painting and opted for a light grey and cream to work with her home decor colour scheme.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
It’s absolutely beautiful, actually made me tear up. He is going to love this more than you know. Jennifer
It’s absolutely perfect. I am more than thrilled and I know my husband is going to love it. Jennifer
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Marianne, a returning customer form Canada, commissioned another painting of her beautiful new horse called Remy. She had taken some stunning photos with really dark background in her large riding stables and the entire set of photos were perfect to paint from. After much discussion Marianne settled on one of her favourite photos and Nicholas set about painting it. Marianne was thrilled with the end result but then upon completion put in a request! She had photos of Remy in a similar pose taken with a special decorative halter and she wondered if Nicholas could paint this on the completed portrait. As the photo of Remy with his halter was at a very similar angle, this definitely could be achieved. We like both final stages, with and without the halter. Which is your preference?!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Thank you, it looks beautiful! Marianne

Hi Melanie, What a busy season we've had. I finally had some time to go through some emails and realized I hadn't yet let you know that the painting arrived and it's beautiful. It's really a very real portrait of Remy, it looks just like him. Thank you both again for doing such a great job. Take care, Marianne
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Tia's Cat Portrait

The oil painting of Tia was commissioned by Barbara and Barrie Trumper, here in the UK, of their daughters cat called Tia. Sadly Tia has been extremely poorly and Barrie took photos of Tia when visiting his daughter a few weeks before Tia passed away. Barrie had the idea of commissioning an oil painting of Tia and consequently found us on the internet. He emailed asking if we could work with any of the photos he had taken and if they were good enough quality. They were simply beautiful and perfect for Nicholas to work with. The oil painting was traditionally hand painted at 18 x 14 inches, framed with our framer in the Traditional Flat frame. Barrie emailed the following to thank us and to arrange to collect the painting from us...

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The portrait captures the essential Tia to perfection. Nicholas, your work has not exceeded our expectations as our knowledge of your work has led to those expectations being very high in the first place. Thank you. Change not a jot or tittle. We know the vagaries of colour in cameras and monitors. One of us once tried to calibrate a monitor, an exercise in futility. Claire will see, in the portrait, her Tia in all her wistful glory and that is how it should be. We will not risk the portrait to a carrier of whatever calibre. We will come and collect it at your studios at a suitable time for us all. We live the other side of a rather imposing lump to you and will thread our way along the A40 and lots of twiddly bits thereafter once the present storms have subsided and the roads, such as they are, are back in place.
Our highest regards,
Barbara and Barrie Trumper.
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Mr Bones

Sarah (USA) contacted us to find out if we would be able to paint Mr Bones, a truly special dog. Mr. Bones was her son Walker's dog and they very sadly had to put him to sleep and he was his love. Sarah gave Mr. Bones to him when he was 18 years old with the caveat that he might not make it. Sarah is a vet and they found him in their back yard. Mr. Bones managed to survive and become an integral part of Walkers life. Walker is a Marine and Sarah wanted the portrait to be there for Walkers Wing Ceremony - which we did. We always like to meet special occasions if we can. The photo below shows walker on his special day - with the painting of Mr Bones.

Oh my. It is beautiful!! He loves it!! Thank you all for making it possible and getting it there in time. Everyone was totally impressed!!
oil pet portraits


Jennifer (USA) commission a portrait of her partners dog Lance who is an Entlebucher Mountain dog. Jennifer and Bob were due to be married in 2017 and Jennifer wanted to present the oil painting of Lance to her husband to be on their rehearsal wedding meal with all of their closest friends and family present. You can see a photo of Jennifer and Bob at the rehearsal dinner below where the painting still has its foam wrapping around. Once they had returned form their honeymoon Jennifer very kindly took a photo of Lance, Bob and the portrait which you can see below. They were thrilled with the painting and we are pretty sure Lance was impressed too!

I just wanted to update you on was a hit! I gave the portrait to Bob at our rehearsal dinner last Friday and to say the least, there were tears because he was so happy and emotional.Thank you so much for helping to make our big day special.
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Nicholas painted Lucy’s Chinchilla cat for her mums 60th birthday. The oil painting on linen canvas of Sampson was traditionally hand painted by Nicholas on a 12 x 10 size and framed by our local framer using the Ornate Pewter frame. Its such a lovely frame and works really well with Sampson’s white coat. Lucy and her mum were thrilled with the results and you can read one of Lucy's emails below along with seeing photos of the final stage, the portrait framed and Nicholas working on the painting during a mid stage.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, Sampson is perfect thank you. He looks magnificent. It has really captured his personality. Mum loves it. Very excited to see it in real life! Kind regards, Lucy
oil pet portraits


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