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Jessie's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

This was a very special commission, Mrs Jarrett contacted us to paint Jessie for her husbands birthday and Mary's emails below will tell everything about this commission so we will leave you to read .....

pet portraits happy client


Hello Melanie!

It was all fabulous!! The framer had hung the portrait in his gallery, just as he said. Eight of us had our first course in the restaurant, ordered our puddings and then I suggested that while we were waiting, we just took a quick look at the gallery, which two of our friends had never seen. Everyone was "in on it" except David, so in we all went, and David spotted the golden retriever portrait almost immediately.We held back a bit, and he stared, and went closer, and stared, and stared... and then I went to him and gave him a hug and told him he wasn't seeing things, and yes! it WAS Jessie and it was his! Everybody was laughing and crying all at the same time, not least David - so I'm afraid no photos got taken right then.

We're having an end-of -the-birthday-week celebration party on Saturday night for more of our dog training friends (inc.Sue and Ray), and I'll make sure we take some then so I can get one to you. It's already hanging on our sitting room wall.The littlest puppy saw it last night and she could hardly believe her eyes - went up to it,looked, came to us,looked round to see where Jessie was: What better credentials for a true likeness could you wish for?!!
The framer had done a brilliant job.He'd said to me earlier,"I expect there might be a bit of a cafuffle when he comes in?" That was to put it mildly!! None of us who were there will ever forget the look on David's face.

I can't thank you enough for everything - I shall keep an eye on your website just for my own pleasure - and so,of course, will David. I shall miss our emails (though not the anxious wait!). Just can't thank you enough. Perhaps one day we might make it to your artstudio in Wales.

Mary, Jessie and David xxx

pet portraits happy client testimonials
Melanie and Nicholas,
The portrait of Jessie is beautiful - and the most wonderful thing of all is that you have captured her personality in a really magical way - our brave little retriever with twinkling eyes and a heart of gold! She's just leaping off the canvas to us.You are both stars of the highest quality! I just can't thank you enough for everything - not least your kindness in helping me to sort things out, and your guidance and patience whilst we chose the background. The framer was pleased to see it as much of his work does not consist of portraits of that quality. The framer and I chose the frame easily - he smiled when he saw those little bits of wood or whatever that you enclosed. I hope you like our choice. He' d actually going to hang the portrait in his gallery for the day, and I'm going to take our friends in to see the pictures, and hopefully David will see Jessie up amongst them !! Then I can tell him that it's sold -to him! The teashop are in on it too, and they are going to put a candle on the table etc. I have left your leaflet with details with him. More news after tomorrow!!
M and J

pet portraits happy client

Absolutely beautiful !!! I am speechless - and tearful.You have caught Jessie's character delightfully, and the background is just as I hoped - happy memories!!! I take it you will add the names as we said? All Saints Lucky Star- with her pet name Jessie underneath- and you own signing as you wish. I am SOOOOooooo thrilled!

pet portraits happy client


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