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Pet Portraits Framing Gallery - Handmade Bespoke Frames

We provide our clients with bespoke frames, handmade with exquisite craftsmanship. We have found two dedicated framers that we can rely on and trust to frame our portraits to "visually enhance our artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection with pure traditional craftsmanship".

We like to provide our clients  a wide range of frame styles, including traditional woods, hand finished gold and silver frames, distressed and aged frames along with swept profiles. We also offer hand painted frames finished in varying tones and natural colours to match our oil paintings beautifully. Clients spend a great deal on our portraits, so it is vital they are framed using the correct materials and methods. Every frame we provide is created bespoke to complement our fine art pet portraits. If you require help or advice, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.


Oil Pet Portraits Framer 1

Our wonderful and reliable artisan framers both have over 30 years experience in the framing industry. They provide us with tailor made frames using traditional methods. Using the finest and most luxurious materials which stand the test of time, we knew that they would be the perrfect partnership to compliment our portraits. Prices start from £250.

Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Regent
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Highgate
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Portobello
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Mayfair
Knightsbridge Frame
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Providence
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Hampstead
Luxuary Framing Hampstead Large
Framing Hampton
Luxuary Framing Notting Hill
Luxuary Framing Belgravia
Framing Claremont Cream
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Albemarle
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Eaton Oak
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Cottesmore
Knightsbridge Frame
Framing Clarance Cream


Oil Pet Portraits Framer 2

The frames are off the shelf mouldings, created for each individual client. They are made on a 1 - 2 week timetable and our family framer takes the utmost care and attention with the framer she makes for us. Prices start from £120.

Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Bayswater Frame
Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Langham Gold Frame
Pet Portraits Framing - Ornate Pewter
Pet Bespoke Framing - Traditional Flat


Engraved Plaques

If you would like to have an engraved plaque for your portrait, we commission a wonderful engraver here in the UK. Our clients have access to having as many words as they require in any font. They can have brushed or mirrored finish in Silver or Bronze. They are stunningly beautiful and really finish off the portraits beautifully. Plaques are £69.

Pet Portraits Engraved Plaques


The painting is just absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!! I also love that it’s so different from Kali’s portrait. Their personalities are so different, not to mention how different they are physically. I think I’m just going to hang it as is. I love the naturalness (if that’s a word) of it unframed, which is just like Roxie. She’s a “no frills” kind of girl. As soon as I get it hung, I’ll send pictures. Plus, we’ve been having so much rain lately, I’d like to get a picture when it’s nice and bright outside. Can’t complain, though, because we desperately need the rain. I just wish I could tell all your potential clients that if you think the final painting is amazing, the painting will absolutely blow you away. When you see the painting for the first time, you just have to sit back and say “Wow – Unbelievable!!”. Francie Hallingse


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