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Pet Portraits Framing

We provide our clients with bespoke frames, handmade with exquisite craftsmanship. We have found two dedicated framers that we can rely on and trust to frame our portraits to "visually enhance our artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection with pure traditional craftsmanship". Clients spend a great deal on our portraits, so it is vital they are framed using the correct materials and methods. Every frame we provide is created bespoke to complement our pet portraits. Our framers can provide a wide range of frame styles, including traditional woods, hand finished gold and silver, distressed and aged frames along with swept profiles. We also offer hand painted frames finished in varying tones and natural colours to match our oil paintings beautifully. Our frames are only available for UK clients.

Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Bayswater Frame
Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Langham Gold Frame
Pet Portraits Framing - Ornate Pewter
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Regent
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Highgate
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Portobello
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Mayfair
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Providence
Knightsbridge Frame
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Hampstead
Luxuary Framing Hampstead Large
Luxuary Framing Belgravia Cream
Luxuary Framing Belgravia
Luxuary Framing Notting Hill
Framing Claremont Cream
Framing Hampton
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Albemarle
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Eaton Oak
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing Cottesmore
Knightsbridge Frame
Framing Clarance Cream


Engraved Plaques

If you would like an engraved plaque, we commission a wonderful engraver here in the UK. With brushed or mirrored finish in Silver or Bronze these complete the paintings beautifully. Visit the Engraved Plaques section

Engraved Plaques


Pet Portraits Framing

All of our frames are made in the UK from sustained wood sources and hand crafted by artisans. Each framer provides us with quality, hand crafted bespoke frames for both our drawings and oil paintings. We have an ever evolving selection of mouldings, styles and finishes so we always have plenty of choice for all of our pet portrait clients. Many of the frames can be hand finished in any Farrow & Ball and Designers Guild colours. They can be gilded in gold and silver leaf if required too. If you would like us to match a frame, clients often send photos of paintings they have for us to see. We can then send over a range of ideas to choose from.

Once you have an idea of the frame that you like, we can get individual quotes for you from our framers. All frames are made bespoke for our portraits and so every frame will be a different price depending on the moulding and size. Each framer works to varying timetables so we do like to book a space in their schedule for you. This means we can have the frame ready before your painting or drawing is complete.

If you would like to display the painting without a frame, you can! We use a professional canvas maker who make all of our canvases bespoke. They are 25mm deep and if you let us know when ordering that you would like to display your portrait unframed, Nicholas will paint the edges of the canvas for you. This means that when you look from the side of your portrait, the paintings colours will wrap around the edge as a continuation of the portrait.

Oil paintings don’t need a mount / matt or glass

The role of a mount / matt is to keep the glass from resting on the surface of the artwork. This way air can circulate around without causing any effect to the artwork. Only dry based media is framed under glass - i.e. pencil, coloured pencil, pastel, charcoal, watercolour etc.

There is only a need to cover the front with glass if the artwork needs protecting. Oil paintings don’t need that kind of protection as the paint isn’t going to rub off or damage. Actually oil paint is very hardy. Mounts enhance delicate artwork tremendously and the right colour, tone and size of mount / matt is really important as it can show it off to its best. So what’s the equivalent when framing an oil painting? Inner linen slips or liners. What are those you ask? on!

There are a variety of slips and liners available and I will try to explain how they work. When you have a painting framed, the framer will make your frame from a number of long mouldings cut into four pieces, mitred together to the correct size of the canvas. The first photo below shows our frame with one of Nicholas' oil paintings. Its just a regular frame made from one piece of wood.

Pet Portraits Framing Information

However the photo below shows a painting with the same frame, with an added slip / liner. So the framer will make the slip / liner first - then they make the frame to fit the liner / slip. We love this linen one in particular as it not only emulates the texture of the canvas, the colour always enhances the paintings and allows breathing space between the painting and the frame. it is a similar effect to a mount / matt on a framed drawing.

Pet Portraits Framing Information

You can have any style of liner / slip, the choices are endless. The slip for instance below is a flat linen texture with a gold edge. So the actual frame is the gold part up to the dot pattern and gold edge. Then there is the slip with a matching gold edge. A layperson would probably think this was all one structure.

What do your frames look like?

The video below shows myself, Melanie, showing a painting frame using the Hampstead frame. If you head on over to the Hampstead section you can see the frame in more detail. The video explains a little about the frame, the side and shows the back too.

Hi Melanie & Nicholas,
It was such a lovely surprise to receive Ben and Jake's picture on Wednesday safe and sound, and its even more stunning in the flesh. I cant stop looking at it because its like they are both here again and any minute they will come out of the picture. The way you have captured both of them its so beautiful. Thank you so much to Nicholas and yourself. We have hung the picture on one of the bedroom walls it was Ben and Jake's favourite place in the whole house they loved lying on us at night.....We would love to see Ben and Jake added to your website we look at it all the time, and we will send you a few pictures shortly of the boys on our wall. Regards,Wayne Claire and Ellie.x


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