pet portraits by commission

Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxury Framing

When we decided to provide our clients with a framing service, we knew we had to do it properly or not at all. Rather than offering cheap ready made frames, we wanted the best for our clients and our artwork. This is why we searched for dedicated framers we could rely on and trust to frame our portraits to "visually enhance our artwork and offer the ultimate level of protection". Clients spend a great deal on our portraits which will be displayed for generations, so it is vital they are framed using the correct materials and methods. Every frame we provide is created to complement our artwork. We hope you find the following helpful and if you don’t see anything that’s perfect for you here, or If you require help or advice, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time.

Frames for Oil Paintings

Pet Portraits Bespoke Framing - Spoon Aged
Pet Portraits Luxuary Framing - SP Aged
Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Chelsea City
Pet Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Gold Swept
Pet Portraits Framing - Ornate Pewter
Pet Bespoke Framing - Traditional Flat
Pet Portraits Bespoke Luxuary Framing - Langham Gold Frame

Engraved Plaques

If you would like to have a silver, bronze or gold engraved plaque on your frame we can arrange this for you. We commission a family run company in the South of England who produce beautiful engraved products. You can order any amount of wording / lettering and if you are interested in this option please email us your requirements. Plaques are £45. I have added just a handful of the plaques clients have commissioned on the webpage at the link below. If you have a look in some of the galleries above you can see full photos of the portraits with their plaques displayed.

Pet Portraits Engraved Plaques