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Pet Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time commissioning a portrait and you would like an overview of the most common questions asked about our portrait service, have a read of our frequently asked questions below. If you still have a questions, you are more than welcome to email at any time!


How much does a portrait cost?

We do have a prices page which is easily accessible from our navigation. You can access it here - Pet Portrait Prices >>

Do you send your portraits worldwide?

Yes! Our portraits are in homes all over the world. Here in the UK to France, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada, America and Hawaii to name a few. We love speaking to clients and hearing about where they live. When you get in touch - let us know where you are from and what its like!


Do you work from photos?

Yes! We can't express enough how important photos are. Many clients are surprised when they hear we work from one main photo for the pose. We never look at a range of photos and then draw or paint your pet in a different pose as to what we think your pet would look like. This just isn't possible for our precise detailed work and realistic style. By basing the artwork on one photo we can be sure to capture your pets personality and character. It is definitely helpful to have lots of photos of your pet, and we can use others for detail and colouring. The photo you choose needs to depict your pet well - a photo where you would naturally say - "Ahh that’s a really good one of them". Remember - you know everything about your pet - however can only go by the photos you send.


How do I make payment / deposit?

Once we have viewed your photos and created a mock up so you can see what the portrait could look like, we send each client a secure private link to pay a deposit. Our payment provider is Worldpay and clients can pay via debit or credit card including American express. If clients would prefer to pay via bank transfer just let us know and we will send you our details. Alternatively you can telephone us and we can take your order over the phone. Contact us >> Deposits for pencil drawings is £200 and deposits for oil paintings is £500.


When to I pay the final amount?

Once your mock up rises to the top in our commissions list, we will email you with a final payment link. Final payment must be made before we start your portrait. Our payment provider is Worldpay. We accept all major credit and debit cards, paypal and bank transfers. Alternatively you can telephone us and we can take your order over the phone. Contact us >>


Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. We can set up a payment link for you and you can pay monthly until the balance has been paid. We will then start your portrait.


Do your portraits come framed?

Our portraits don't automatically arrive to you framed so you must let us know if you want our framers to frame your portrait for you. We work with two luxury framers and you can find out about them in our framing section. View sample frames our a framing gallery with photos of some of the paintings and drawings we have had framed over the years and our engraved plaques.


What is a mock up?

We learned how to create mock ups at college in 1994. Back then they were hand drawn sketches to plan out the composition of a painting or drawing. A number of mock ups were made to create the most aesthetically pleasing composition. Over the years, as technology has evolved, we now create all of our mock ups using Photoshop. We have the latest version enabling us to combine multiple images, remove objects, retouch photos (removing tack, collars etc) using professional software. We find that often client have a range of photos of their pets but perhaps not an ideal image, particularly if they would like to depict their pets in their garden or favourite landscape etc. We are often able to combine for instance, three dogs in a garden scene using 4 different photos. This allows our clients to see their pets in the most ideal setting and environment. The mock up is just the start. We then take that idea and create a drawing or painting, by hand in pencil or oil, and bring the scene to life.


What size photos shall I email and how many should I send?

We like to see the image at the size it came from your digital camera or mobile device if possible. When photos are emailed they can be resized, please make sure they are the original size. The more photographs you can send the better. If you need help just drop us a line!


I would like more than one pet in my portrait, can you use separate photos of each?

Yes, we can create paintings or drawings of as many pets as you would like in the same piece of artwork. It's always best to provide separate photos of each pet and we can put them together in the drawing or painting for you. Have a read of our pet portrait photography section which should give you an idea of how to take good clear photos of your pet.


What kind of photograph do you need?

We have lots of photography tips pages for each subject and medium. Having a read of which ever page is applicable to you would be really useful if you are taking new photos of your pet. If your pet is no longer with us, please send us anything where they are clear and close in the frame and we can discuss your options. Photography Tips >>


Can you tell me the difference between Oil paintings and Pencil drawings?

We create portraits in oils and pencil. Oil paintings are in full colour, painted by hand using fine brushes on Italian Linen canvas. Oil paintings don't need to be framed under glass. Pencil drawings are black and white (greyscale) and they are hand drawn using a range of pencils on Italian Fabriano paper. Drawing must be framed under glass with a mount / matt. The mediums cannot be mixed together in the same portrait.


Are your portraits digital?

No. All of our portraits are hand painted using time honoured traditional methods by Nicholas and myself. Have a look at our On The Easel Blog to see how our portraits develop.


I'm looking for a bespoke size - can you do this?

Yes. All of our portraits are unique to each client and so you can have any size of portrait on paper or canvas. Email us with your ideas and we can chat about your requirements and send you a quote.


I’m not sure what size portrait to have - what size do you think is best?

This is quite a popular question and there are a few things to take into consideration. apart form your budget, you might like to think where you would like to display the painting or drawing. What size space do you have available - not forgetting to add extra on for framing. I often get my clients to cut out pieces of paper to various shapes and sizes and hold them up to the wall where they think they would like the painting or drawing to be. This helps clients to visualise what it would be like. if you need any help and guidance, do drop us a line at anytime.


Can I see my portrait before you send it to me?

Yes, on completion of your portrait we will email a photograph or scan to you for your approval.


Can any changes be made to my portrait once it has been completed?

Yes. Once clients have received a final scan or photo, minor changes can be made at this stage. Don’t forget you can watch the portraits process. All oil portraits can be viewed at various stages on our On The Easel Blog.


How Much is Postage and Packing and how the portrait sent?

This depends on the size and destination of your portrait and a full guide can be found on our prices page. We flat pack very safely and securely and most of our portraits are sent UPS on a tracked expedited service. We also try to use environmentally friendly products and packaging, everything we send our portraits in, can be reused or recycled.


Can you frame my painting or drawing

We are able to provide a full bespoke framing service and work with two specialist framers for our pencil drawings and oil paintingsEach frame is made bespoke for each client and so we can provide quotes once we have discussed your preferred moulding. To view the frames we have available, please visit our framing page where you can see a large selection of samples. You can also visit our framing gallery where you can view previous commissions in their frames.


Do you offer prints of the portraits?

Our local printer retired and we haven’t found anyone up to their standard to replace them. At this point in time when requested we send clients a high resolution version of the portrait so that they can have their portrait printed with their local printers or alternatively with an online printer.


Can I use my painting or drawing commercially, or print it for my family?

Clients hold the copyright on their photo that we work from, however we hold the copyright on the artwork created from the clients photo. We will never reproduce or sell your portrait / painting or allow its usage on any other website apart from ours and our social media pages without written permission from the client.


Will you be displaying our painting or drawing on your web site?

Yes, the majority of our work will be displayed on our website. If clients are unhappy about their painting or drawing being displayed, they must let us know upon ordering.


Who are you?

If you have just arrived to our website and want to find out about us - Melanie or Nicholas, or Lily our Tibetan Terrier and our chickens you can use the navigation at the top of our website in the 'about us' section. You can also read about our lifestyle living in rural Wales in an old welsh cottage, how we have renovated it and the garden over the last 10 years along with our purpose built art studio in our woodland garden.