Three Horse Portrait - Oil Painting

Welcome to our three horse portrait oil painting traditionally hand painted on Italian linen canvas by professional equine artist Nicholas Beall. Nicholas creates portraits of horses for clients worldwide from his garden studio situated in rural Wales UK. His portraits can be found all around the world, some for some notable clients too. If you would like to have your horse painted please do email us your photos at any time.

Three Horse Portrait by Nicholas Beall

Horse Portraits in Progress and Reference Photos

horse portraits reference
horse portraits reference
horse portraits reference

Commission of 'Gatsby, Missy & Moriarty'

Paul Barnes, UK, telephoned our studio prior to Christmas in 2010 asking if we would be able to create a three horse portrait, similar to the oil painting Nicholas did of Riguez Dancer, Resplendent Light & Fol Hollow. Paul and his wife Sharon have three horses Gatsby, Missy and Moriarty and Paul wanted to commission Nicholas to paint them as a surprise for his wife Sharon.

As it was so close to Christmas, Paul agreed that our Gift Vouchers would be the best idea as it was so close to Christmas and Nicholas has a fair waiting list for his portraits. We personalized the voucher by arranging all of the photos and composition with Paul so that his wife Sharon, could visualize how the painting might look. Sharon could then have the choice of the already designed painting, or swap photos for ones that she preferred in the New Year.

Sharon was delighted with the surprise and was very excited for Nicholas to get started. We all decided that a 22 x 16 painting would work best for the space where they would like to display their portrait in their home.

Hi Nicholas and Melanie,
It looks fantastic!
Thank you


Hi Melanie and Nicholas
Looks amazing, especially Missy! I will show my daughter just for final seal of approval and get back to you.
Many thanks


Hi Melanie,
My picture arrived today. I cried when I opened it ! it is just amazing, especially Missy she looks as if she is going to come out of the picture it is so life like !!
thank you so much.
Sharon xx


Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
My painting is in pride of place and has had many admirers !! Thank you so much
Kind Regards

Photos of the Three Horse Portrait Framed

Here are a few photos of the painting framed in a traditional wooden frame.

Three Horse Portrait Framed

Three Horse Portraits

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Sharon's three horse portrait. If you have three horses that you would like portrayed please do drop us a line. it is important to have the right photos for a composition like this as we don’t make up poses for the portraits. We work closely with the photos you provide and use a single photo to draw or paint from for the main pose. We can use others for detail. So in an oil painting like Sharon’s, we would need one photo of your horse looking left, one looking right and one straight on. Why not email us your photos and see if a composition can be created form them. Email us from our contact page at anytime.


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