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Luna's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Welcome to the pencil pet portrait of Moo! I was commissioned by Tracey, a returning cleint, to draw Moo for her to go with her other portraits which were commissioned a few years prior of Tracys other dogs Damson and Mupet which Nick painted in Pastel. It was lovely to meet Tracey and Moo and I took some fabulous photos of Moo with her drawing and Nick took a few lovely ones of us all together. Moo Modeled beautifully! We dont get to meet our clients that often so love it when they are able to take time out of their busy schedules to visit us in person. We hope that you enjoy this page and the photos.


pet portraits happy client


Dear Melanie and Nicholas,
I apologize for the quality of the photograph, but it does show how Luna's portait is siutated in my bedroom, where I can see it each morning as I awake. It is illuminated by a set of Revelite LEDs which in normal vision renders her portrait in vivid color and depth, but isn't well captured by the camera. I am petting Lunita, who is Luna's daughter and Pincho, my 6 month old Aussie puppy. Hope eventually to do their portraits too.
Best regards!



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