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Winston and Daisy's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Karen's sister purchased a gift voucher for her birthday and left Karen to decide what photos she would like to use for her portrait, the size and the medium. You cant get a more personalized gift! Karen's two spaniels Winston and Daisy are beautiful and we are so pleased with the way the painting turned out. Karen took some lovely photos of Winston and Daisy with the portrait and if you read the letters below is gives some funny accounts of their photography shoot!

Winston and Daisy look absolutely fantastic! You have really captured their personalities. I love their painting! I appreciate how much work their ears must have been with all those "spaniel curls." I absolutely love, love, love it! The dog children should only look that good in person.You are such a professional. That is absolutely the perfect frame for this painting too. I love it! Thank you again for all your loving attention to this painting. All my family and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. You have a real gift.
Best, Karen

Hi, Melanie and Nicholas,
I wanted to let you know that your painting arrived in perfect condition, and we absolutely love it! I admit I let it sit for a day or so until me, my husband and my mom (and the dog children) could open it together. Many oohs & ahhs. I can't thank you enough for all the heart and talent you put into their portrait. Looking at it up close, your brushwork, use of color and understanding of dog anatomy is amazing. More importantly, you've captured their expressions and personalities perfectly. (They should only look so sleek & well-groomed in person.)

It's an artwork that I'll treasure forever, thanks to my sister's generosity. My entire family sends our heartfelt thanks! I've hung it in the living room where we walk by it several times a day, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. You are so talented, and your work brings such pleasure to those of us lucky enough to own one of your pieces. I promise to send photos of my dogs with their portrait once the weather clears up. I want to stage it out in the back yard where the original photo was taken, but it's been raining all week here.

I also have to mention how happy I am with the framing. Now the painting is truly finished, ready to hang the moment it arrived. Your choice of frame is perfect to harmonize with off the tones in the artwork. Special thanks to your framer -- the workmanship is perfect, and I love the fleur de lis paper on the back! Thanks again for an absolutely smashing job!
Karen, Robert, Wilma, Winston & Daisy

I have gotten so many compliments on Winston & Daisy's portrait. It's really exquisite, your brushstroke work is so detailed, and the resemblance to them is remarkable. You've really captured their personalities. I'm attaching 2 shots of Winston & Daisy. It was actually hard to get this shot, but it's a funny story. I tried posing them before their dinnertime. Daisy was in a well-behaved down-stay, the portrait was propped up next to her with a stick behind it, but when I made Winston lay down, the goofy guy rolled over on his back, which Daisy reads as "Let's play!" I quickly grabbed the painting, Daisy jumped up, attacked Winston, grabbed the stick, and the chase was on! They ran around and around the flower garden, barking and playing for a good 10 minutes. I couldn't help but laugh. After they ate dinner the photo session went much better, and here are the results: Enjoy your summer, and best wishes for your August travels. Warm regards,


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