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Milly, Mollys and Purdy's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Alan and Amanda emailed in 2014 to ask if we would paint their cats Milly, Molly and Purdy and have them framed. The photos below are of Alan when he collected the paintings and of Amanda with the paintings hanging in situ in their home. We cant thank Alan and Amanda enough for allowing us to show these photos on our website and we hope our clients enjoy reading just a few of the lovely emails Alan and Amanda emailed throughout the process.

clients and Nicholas

Dear Nicholas & Melanie, Just wanted you to know that I am so thrilled with how Purdys portrait is coming along. You have captured her so well. Purdy is always in my heart, and I miss her all the time. Watching her come to life in your painting, makes me so happy.
Also looking forward to seeing Milly and Molly :-) Thank you so much, Best regards, Amanda

Hi Melanie,
I could not be happier.. Im working at the moment so I'm trying to keep my emotions at bay.. happy and tearful all at the same time.. stunning.. please thank Nick for me.. bringing my beautiful purdy to life again....Can't wait to see the girls portrait..
Many thanks Amanda & Alan

clients and Nicholas

Hi Melanie & Nicholas I know alan is organising with you when to collect the portraits, but I just wanted to say that I'm overjoyed with how they look.Molly on the left of the portrait is always ' camera ready ', so getting that photo wasn't that difficult really. Milly on the other hand is more of a challenge. . . Every time alan or I try and take a photo she strikes a pose (like she is chewing on a wasp) :) . . .Bless her ! . So that is another reason I love this portrait. . We got that one picture where her eyes are open and bright. I love my girls to bits, so I'm so happy nick has captured them so well. . Purdy looks fabulous also. . Couldn't be happier. With many thanks to nick for our beautiful portraits. . And to you for your help and contact during this process. Amanda x x

Hi Melanie, This has been a lovely experience.. so excited.. cant wait to get the portraits home..
I've shown so many people your website and everyone is impressed with how the girls look.. my sister remembers purdy fondly and she almost cryed when she saw her portrait.. as I did..I hope you know what you do brings happiness to many people.With many thanks always, Amanda x x

clients and Nicholas

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, Thanks once again for the paintings and your recent hospitality. Please find attached a couple of photo's.. including one with Amanda! Your paintings have been carefully positioned in a nice corner away from direct sunlight, in a fairly stable temperature and away from the kitchen area. Hope you have a great weekend. We'll definitely see you again another time - either collecting another painting / pencil drawing or somewhere in the Galapogas! Alan.

Hi Melanie, I've been looking at the portraits framed and they look stunning. . . I can't stop smiling. .
It's like Christmas Eve when your a child. . . Waiting for Alan to get home :) I've spoke to him and he's very happy with them, and said how nice it was to meet you both. .. I will get you photos when we have the paintings in place. Thank you so much . . And I know we will be back on your commissions list again, I have plenty of space on my walls. . . :) With all my best wishes to you both Amanda x x

Hi Melanie, alan got back at 11.15 last night.. and it was Christmas day.. I am so very happy.. what a talent Nick has.. I will treasure these paintings always.. please pass on my thanks to Jane also.. the frames are beautiful.. photos will follow when we have them in place. Many thanks always.. Amanda x x


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