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Kensington Pet Portraits Framing

Welcome to the Kensington frame. We believe this is one of our most stunning frames that we have commissioned from our framers to date. The frame is hand finished in aged gold, however if you would prefer to have it in any other tone or colour, or aged in a different tone, our framers can complete this for you.

This frame has a gold inner slip - which if you look at the photos is the solid gold section between the painting and the ornate frame. This acts as a buffer between the painting before the ornate patterns begin. If you look at the side of the frame you can see even more detail - simply exquisit!

Our swept frames are made to cover the entire canvas, so when you look from the side you only see frame - and not the edge of the canvas. The Kensington frame is a solid wood, heavy frame and will make a statement in any room. It's simply beautiful! If you would like to ask any questions you are more than welcome to email us at any time.

Kensington Frame for Pet Portraits
Kensington Frame for Dog Portraits
Kensington Frame for Cat Portraits
Kensington Frame for Horse Portraits
Kensington Frame for Pencil Portraits
Kensington Frame for Oil Portraits
Kensington Frame for Pet Portraits


Melanie and Nicholas,
I received the painting today!! It is even better in real life. I hope you don't mind, but I have been emailing my friends the photo of the painting and quite a few have asked for your contact info and Lothar's breeder is really interested. So, it looks like you might be doing more Rotties in the near future. Have a wonderful Holiday!! Beverly


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