Horse Pet Portraits - Oils On Canvas

Welcome to our beautiful horse pet portraits oil on canvas of Chico. Like all of the other paintings on our website, the portrait of Chico has been traditionally hand painted in oils on Italian Linen canvas by Nicholas Beall. Nicholas has been painting horses for commission for over 25 years. He works from one main photo of your horse horse and can use others for detail if required. We hope that you enjoy viewing the portrait of Chico.

Horse Pet Portraits

Commission of 'Chico' - Horse Pet Portraits

horse portraits reference photos

Una and her husband Gwynne commissioned two oil paintings in 2016, one of their beautiful dog Amber and another of their horse Chico. Una is a previous client of ours and she emailed us lots of excellent photos both both Amber and Chico. This page is dedicated to the horse pet portrait of Chico.

After viewing Una's photos we all decided that the head study of Chico would work really well including all of the autumnal colours. Creating a similar style background to the photo using the sienna and umber colours, this would allow Chico to really stand off well against the background. The portrait was painted on linen canvas at 14" x 14".

Hi Melanie and Nicholas
That looks great - just like Chico. Can't wait to see it and Amber's also!
Thanks a lot


Hi Melanie and Nicholas
Well they did delivered yesterday to our neighbours. We have just picked them up and they are fantastic. We LOVE them We won't fully unwrap them till we arrive in the US but will send you a photo in their new home Thank you both very much.
Una and Gwynne plus Amber and Chico

Photos of the Oil Painting Framed

Here are a few photos of the oil painting framed before sending to our clients.

Horse Portraits Framed
Horse Framed
Horse Portraits
Horse Framed

Horse Pet Portraits

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing the horse pet portraits painting of Chico. If you would like an oil painting of your horse similar to Chico, you can contact us by visiting our contact page.


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