Dog Portrait - Dachshund Oil Pet Portraits

Welcome to our stunning Dachshund Pet Portrait of Maggie and Max, two beautiful Dachshunds painted by Nicholas Beall. Nicholas is a professional artists painting dog portraits in his woodland garden studio in the heart of Wales, UK. He works full time painting dogs and can be commissioned to paint your dog from your own photos, just like Dachshunds Maggie and Max below. He solely paints in traditional oils and works on gallery wrapped Italian Linen canvas, using the best quality artists materials. We hope you enjoy viewing our Dachshund dog portrait of Maggie and Max and if you would like your dog painted, please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Dachshund Pet Portraits by Nicholas Beall

Dog Portrait - Dachshund Oil Pet Portraits Reference Photos

We love to see as many photos as possible of your dog so that we can get a rounded view of them and their character. Nicholas mainly works from one photo for the pose of your dog portrait and others for detail. You can see just a few of the dog photos of Maggie and Max he worked from below. In this instance, Nicholas used multiple photos to create this portrait, so if you don’t have a perfect photo, its not a problem, email your photos to us and we will to let you know your options for a painting.

Pet portrait reference photo
Portrait reference
Dachshund photo

Commission of 'Maggie and Max' - Dachshund Pet Portraits

This Dachshund Pet Portrait was commissioned by Kevin Fitzpatrick, USA, who contacted Nicholas in 2015 to see if he would be able to paint their beautiful Dachshunds Maggie and Max for his wife's special birthday on Christmas Eve. Kevin emailed a whole a range of photos of both dogs, some with them sleeping and some with them on a sofa with the beautiful light coming through the windows. Kevin didn't have a photo that was perfect for a dog portrait however he did have a number of photos of Maggie and Max that he liked. We created a mock up, combining a number of photos together to make a unique composition. This allows both dogs to be sleeping side by side on the sofa, with the wonderful light pouring in through the window. Kevin was thrilled with the dog painting and I personally feel its one of the most relaxing and peaceful paintings Nicholas has painted. Kris, the recipient was over the moon when she received the painting.

Happy Client Testimonials

The entire family posed for an amazing photo too which I have added below. We absolutely love the photo and cant thank the Fitzpatrick family enough for sharing it with us and allowing us to use it on our website :)The entire family posed for an amazing photo too which I have added below. We absolutely love the photo and cant thank the Fitzpatrick family enough for sharing it with us and allowing us to us to use it on our website.

The Painting Framed

Hi Melanie and Nicholas. Thank you. It will be so special for my wife. I would venture to guess you will receive a heartfelt note from my wife after she sees the picture in December. Thank you for everything. Best Regards, Kevin


Hello Melanie and Nicholas!!!
It would be impossible to convey to you my complete happiness, awe and gratitude for the truly magnificent oil painting my husband, Kevin, gave me for my 50th birthday. It not only captures my beloved dachshunds perfectly, but our home as well. Now I know that my dogs will live forever and this time in my life has been captured so beautifully.

It's SO beautiful!! I am truly in awe of your talent, Nicholas, and so incredibly grateful to you for doing this work of art for me. I still can't believe it's mine and was made for me. It will be an heirloom for our children as it portrays our home and precious pets so perfectly.
Thank you!!!
Kris Fitzpatrick

Dog Portrait - Dachshund Oil Pet Portraits Framed

Maggie and Max were framed using a traditional wooden frame and it worked really well for their dog portrait as you can see from the photos below.

The Painting Framed
Detail of the painting framed
Dachshunds pet portraits Framed
Close up of the frame


Dachshund Dog Portraits

If you have enjoyed viewing our page about the dog portrait of Dachshunds Maggie and Max and you would like Nicholas to paint your Dachshund, you are more than welcome to email us at any time via our pet portraits contact page. Send us your dog photos and let us know your ideas for a dog portrait, we are really looking forward to working with you!


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