Dog Portrait - Black Labrador Oil Pet Portraits

Welcome to the beautiful Black Labrador oil pet portraits by professional artist Nicholas Beall. The oil painting you see below was traditionally hand painted by Nicholas, whilst standing at his easel using oil paintings on Italian lien Canvas. Nicholas paints portraits of dogs full time for a living and absolutely loves his job. He thoroughly enjoyed painting the portrait of Sammy the Black Labrador below and you can find out more about the dog portrait commission by scrolling and reading about it further down this page. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Black Labrador Pet Portraits


About the Commission of 'Sammy' the black Labrador

Pet portraits reference photos

Steve Foutty, USA, contacted us in January 2013 about our black Labrador pet portraits. Steve wanted to commission an oil painting of his stunning black Labrador Sammy.

He enclosed two photos which he felt might be suitable for a portrait and chatted in his emails how Steve and his family would like Sammy to be portrayed - outside by their boat with his favourite retrieve article.

Our portraits are painted from one main photo of the dog, however we do like to see more photos to get to know your dogs personality and character well. The more photos the better!

Please feel free to bombard us with wonderful photos and tell us all about your dog. Nicholas painted Sammy on a 16 x 16 size canvas and really enjoyed working on the painting.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The portrait looks great! It looks perfect! Cant wait to receive it.

The Black Labrador Portrait Framed

The photos below show the portrait of Sammy framed.

Black Labrador Pet Portraits Framed
Labrador Pet Portraits Framed
black labrador oil portraits framed
Framed Pet Portraits
Close up Detail of the Frame
Framed portrait on the Mini Easel

Black Labrador Dog Portraits

If you would like Nicholas to paint your Black Labrador portraits we would be delighted to work with you. Why not email us your photos via our pet portraits contact page and tell us all about them.


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