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Marcio's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Regina (Brazil) emailed me in 2012 to ask if I would be able to draw a lovely photo of her husband Marcio and their horse RedBoy for her husbands birthday. As you can see from the photos below I drew them in graphite pencil 12 x 10 size and we had Jane our framer frame the portrait for them. Regina has very kindly sent us some wonderful photos of the portrait on their stunning mantelpiece. I have also added some feedback from Regina too! Thank you Regina for taking these photos!


happy clients portraits


Hi, Melanie! How are you?..... I am enclosing the pictures I’ve taken of the portrait on the fireplace shelf and on the wall where it is right now. Then, you can choose the best one for your site. Everyone who sees your beautiful work appreciates it greatly. It is really fabulous........
My kindest regards,


Hi Melanie,
We are fine, despite the cold weather...we are freezing here. And what about you?
Regarding the portrait, fantastic! I loved it. Really perfect. His birthday party will be on June 10th. ....Thank you for all,


Hi, Melanie. The portrait has just arrived. It's fabulous, you were right! Tonight I will prepare a surprise to my husband.We are very happy with it here....
I've sent you an invitation for a Skype contact.
My best wishes,


happy clients portraits


happy clients portraits

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