Pet Portraits in Oils & Pencils From Photos

by melanie and nicholas

Prints of Your Pet Portraits

prints of your portraits

Welcome to our Prints of your portrait page


If you have ordered a pet portrait with us and would like to order a print or a number of prints, for your friends and family, you can do so at any time. We try to keep all of our portrait artwork on file so clients can come back whenever necessary, order prints at their leisure and have them delivered to themselves or direct to friends or family worldwide.


Our prints are printed by a professional giclee printing company here in Wales and if you would like them framed, Jane our framer can do this for you too, the print on the right is a framed canvas print.


Our price list for our prints can be found below, along with an explanation and photographs about each type of print and what is available. Plus a gallery of lots of pet portraits prints that we have had made over the last few years. Clients can email us with their requirements and we will send you an invoice for payment.


Use the drop down list to convert to your currency

Sizes Canvas Unstretched / Stretched Paper
Oil / Pencil
10" x 10"
£50 / £60
£45 / £30
12" x 10"
14" x 14"
16" x 12"
16" x 16"
£80 / £90
£55 / 40
18" x 14"
20" x 16"
£100 / £120
£65 / £50
20" x 20"
£140 / £160
£75 / £60
24" x 18"

Please email for shipping quotes if ordering separatley to portrait


Stretched Canvas Prints for Oils

If you have commissioned an oil painting from us and would like a near identical print to give to friends and family, our stretched canvas prints are pretty astonishing. Our canvas prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas 390gsm a hardy, water resistant poly cotton canvas which has the highest archival standards. Every print we have received has been stunning, the two images below to show the quality, the original is on the right, print is on the left.

We can also ask the printing company to 'mirror' the edges for you, which is useful if you are going to hang your print unframed. This finishes the portraits off beautifully and we can guarantee that the prints are so good, viewers wont know its a print!

Stretched canvases are ready for hanging when they arrive, you can see by the image below. The stretched canvas has carefully taped edges, hooks and framing string for hanging and circular pads which not only stop the picture from moving, but they minimize marking on the wall and most importantly, allow air to circulate behind the picture.

portraits and their prints


portraits and their prints


pet portraits prints

Unstretched Canvas Prints for Oils

If you would like to order an unstretched canvas print, the printing company we use also provides this service. It is the cheaper option, however you may need to have it stretched or backed at your framers before framing. It will arrive with ample amount of canvas around the edge so that you have plenty of choice as shown in the image below. Just like the stretched prints above these canvas prints are printed on Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas 390gsm a hardy, water resistant poly cotton canvas which has the highest archival standards.

portraits and their prints  

Paper Prints for Oils

If clients would like their oil prints on paper, we would suggest choosing the Hahnemule Torchon 285gsm paper which is an acid free watercolour paper which is especially suited to reproductions of oils. It gives a very clean and crisp print showing the colours at their best. If you opt for this paper, the prints must be mounted / matted and framed under glass.

portraits and their prints  

Paper Prints for Pencils

For pencil drawing prints we always use Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255gsm paper produced by St Cutherberts Mill made from 100% cotton, archival artists paper. All prints on paper must be framed with a mount / matt under glass and you can see a few examples here, the horse and its original mounted ready to send to the client, the original and print of a Newfoundland dog, and two originals and two prints of labradors.

portraits and their prints  

Mounts / Mats for Paper Prints

For all paper prints we can provide a mounting / matting service, just let us know your requirements when ordering.

portraits and their prints  

Multiple Prints

We can also discount for multiple prints too. Please email us with the number of prints you are looking to purchase and the type - ie stretched canvas, unstretched canvas or paper prints and we will give you a quote.

pet portraits prints

Prints of the stages of your portrait

If you would like to have three of the work in progress stages of your portrait plus the final scan as a print, drop us a line. It can look very effective as you can see from the print below, just let know in advance so we can make sure we take photographs directly from the front of the portrait for it to look correct.

prints of your portrait  


If you would like us to frame your prints for you please contact us and we will set you up with a payment button for the exact amount. We have a variety of bespoke frames made locally by our framer Jane who frames all of our portraits and prints for us. Prices can be found on our main prices page and examples of frames can be found on our framing pages. You are more than welcome to email us with your requirements for a quote and we can get the ball rolling for you.

pet portraits

Prints Gallery

Apart from all of the prints above, each time a print is ordered I will add it below to the print gallery. Photographing the prints and originals in the studio in different lighting can cause varying lighting on the original and prints, but this is just from the photography. We can also provide prints of the stages of your portrait similar to the first image below. As you can see this client wanted to have their portraits progress in 4 stages ready to frame and hang next to the original. Just drop us a line before we start your portrait if you would like this service, so that we can then make sure we get good, evenly lit photos for you.

prints of your portraits pet portraits prints prints of your portrait prints of your portrait   prints of your portrait prints of your portrait portraits and their prints prints of your portrait prints of your portrait pet portraits prints pet portraits prints Contact us today if you are a previous or current client who would like one of our Pet Portraits Prints.


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