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Charlie and Kara's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Julie Johnson has commissioned two paintings in the last few years, one of her beautiful Ruby King Charles Spaniel Charlie and another of her Samoyed, Kara. Julie has taken two wonderful photos for our website, one of the paintings in situ and another of Julie with them. We would officially like to thank Tracy and their family for taking these photos and allowing us to use them on our website. I have enclosed a wonderful testimonial from Julie which I hope our clients and visitors enjoy reading.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
Arrived first thing this morning. It's brilliant.
My husband to put it on the wall in the dining room under Charlie's portrait straight away. I took a picture of the two portraits and then got my husband to take a picture with me. They look great together. Even though Kara's portrait is a different size as you can see in the photos there look good hung under each other.
KARA - February 1984 - July 1995
CHARLIE - June 2002 - June 2013
It's great having lovely portraits of both my old dogs hanging in the dining room. They were such a part of your life when they were around and both are sadly missed.

Julie johonson Client Julie Johnson


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