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Dani's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

This was a lovely commission from 2010 and the second of Denise's dogs that I have painted. Dani's portrait has been framed beautifully with a lovely wide wooden frame, which works perfectly with the portrait. Denise very kindly emailed me a photo of her with Dani and her portrait and also hanging next to Zack's portrait too. I hope you enjoy viewing it and reading one of Denise's emails below.

Hi Melanie
I finally have a picture of Dani with her portrait.  She doesn't seem to like all the lights on the camera so she does not look too happy.  Believe it or not, I have not gotten it hung up yet. It sits propped up on the coffee table right where I can see it.  I will send a picture when it finds it final place.  I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed both Dani's and Zack's portraits.  Thanks so much.

framed pet portraits happy cleints


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