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Samantha's Pet Portrait - Happy Client Testimonial

Kim (USA) contacted us in January 2010 as her mum wanted to commission a portrait of her dearly departed dog Samantha. Samantha is missed by all the family. We were happy to paint a portrait in oils on linen canvas to the size of 30 x 20 for them as a wonderful reminder for their family. Kim took a photo of her mum with Samantha's portrait once it was framed and on the wall and you can read her email and a testimonial from them below.

happy cleint pet portraits

Hello Melanie and Nicholas,
Oh my gosh, so much time has passed, and I had promised you a photo of Samantha’s amazing portrait, framed and hung, so many months ago! Needless to say, the painting has remained a much loved and admired image of mom’s beloved pet. She has had friends over to her apartment just to see your stunning work. This is not the best photo, but you can see how beautiful the painting looks...and mom is so proud of it. More importantly, the painting is so life-like, that it also gives her comfort to be able to see Samantha as she remembers her. Mom now has a puppy...she will be a year old soon. She is a black toy poodle (5.5 pounds) named Sassy. Sassy lives up to her name, but is quite sweet and loving. She is a great companion for mom...though no dog will ever replace Samantha. Thank you for all of the emails and of course for your incredible artwork. Wishing you all the best...
Kim Hinkle

happy cleint pet portraits

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,

Oh, that portrait is just gorgeous (says she grinning). I think Mom will love it.  You have captured her sweet face beautifully!  I’ll wait for Mom to see it ASAP.  Guess we’ll need to go to McDonald’s for free wi-fi to show it to her since it’s not ready to be posted yet (LOL). I can’t get over the transformation from the beginning to the finish.  Like I have said so many times have such a gift!  It brought tears to my eyes.

I will get back to you as quickly as’re a dear to be so patient with us...



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