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Regent Pet Portraits Framing

Our Regent Frame is a very timeless, classic frame. It is a little similar to our Mayfair frame, however much smaller at just over 3 inches wide. It is a similar colour Gold Leaf and Bronze, with the same beautiful warm undertones which gives the whole overall feel of the frame a beautiful rich glow.

The frames centre scoops in, rather that curved over like in the Mayfair and so this means we have three areas of detail. The outer detail is a simple square and line design, the middle design is much smaller and more dainty and then it curves under leading to the lovely 'U' shaped design edging. This design is beautiful and really helps to frame the painting.

The regent frame is a much lighter weight frame than perhaps the Mayfair or the Providence, however is is still a solidly made frame, beautifully hand crafted and finished. This frame would suit any oil painting from 16 x 12 and above. We order each frame bespoke for our clients and if you are interested in having this frame for your oil painting, just let us know and we can get a quote for you from our framers.


Regent Pet Portraits Framing Regent Pet Portraits Framing Regent Pet Portraits Framing Regent Pet Portraits Framing Regent Pet Portraits Framing


Melanie & Nicholas,
Your painting of Edward is fantastic, or as you Brit's say 'Brilliant'. You have captured his facial features exactly right. I agree with you about the tree on the left, you have a good balance with our it. Now of course I'm very anxious to see the picture in full size. Thanks for all your hard work.


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Our Traditional Flat Frame is beautiful and is suitable for both oils and pencil pet portraits.


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