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Pet Portrait Artist Commissions by Melanie & Nicholas

A Very Warm Welcome! My name is Melanie and I work alongside my husband Nicholas in our beautiful Art Studio nestled in our woodland garden in the UK. We are professionally trained pet portrait artists with 24 years of experience. We provide high end pet portraits of dogs, cats and horses based on clients' own photographs in Oils and Pencil. Our work is traditionally hand painted and drawn for clients worldwide. You can be confident that we can provide a portrait and level of service both you and your pet deserve.

Large Format Oil Paintings

We offer Large Format Oil Paintings with bespoke swept frames....

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Detail Gallery

View our pet portraits Detail Gallery. See our work really close up...just like the oil painting of Mitzy below....

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Melanie & Nicholas

Melanie Phillips

Read about Melanie Phillips

My name is Melanie and I am a professional pencil pet portrait artist. I specialise in drawing dogs, cats and horses in graphite pencil for commission. I love my job! It has to be the best career. To work daily with like minded owners who love their pets as much as I love mine, it is just wonderful...Read More »

Nicholas Beall

Read about Nicholas Beall

My name is Nicholas Beall and I traditionally hand paint oil paintings of pets full time in my art studio. This is my dream job and when created an oil painting, I live and breath the piece from start to finish. A part of me goes out with every painting and I know that clients cherish them.. Read More »



Bespoke Framing

Our frames are tailor made by two wonderful framing companies whose methods combine the very best of traditional techniques and premium materials. View a selection in our Framing Gallery. We also provide Engraved Plaques which work beautifully along side our frames...

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Hello Melanie and Nicholas!!!
It would be impossible to convey to you my complete happiness, awe and gratitude for the truly magnificent oil painting my husband, Kevin, gave me for my 50th birthday. It not only captures my beloved dachshunds perfectly, but our home as well. Now I know that my dogs will live forever and this time in my life has been captured so beautifully.

It's SO beautiful!! I am truly in awe of your talent, Nicholas, and so incredibly grateful to you for doing this work of art for me. I still can't believe it's mine and was made for me. It will be an heirloom for our children as it portrays our home and precious pets so perfectly.
Thank you!!!
Kris Fitzpatrick

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