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About Pet Portrait Artists

by melanie & nicholas

Our Pet Chickens

I have kept chickens all my life, my parents kept them when I was a child and I don't think I can ever remember a time without them. When we moved to our cottage, we put an electric fence around the perimeter to keep the foxes out and a fenced off area where they have a large space to roam in the woodland. We currently have one ex battery hen called Henrietta, one Cochin called Phylis, one speckle called Winnie, a buff Orpington Rooster called Boris and 4 buff orpington hens. The Buff Orpington hens all look very similar and are called Ava, Audrey, Grace, and Rita - after the classic actresses! But im never quite sure which is which! You can see a very cute picture of the Buff Orpingtons as chicks at the bottom of the page, I purchased hatching eggs and Phylis hatched them, she is a wonderful mother!










buff orpington chicks


Stay tuned!

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