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We only use the highest quality materials for our portraits. The materials we use use need to be long lasting, archival and of extreme high quality. This is why we constantly try to source the best materials available to us here in the UK.

Pet Portraits Materials for Oils and Pencil

Nicholas has a good relationship with a very high quality bespoke canvas company here in the UK. Nicholas exclusively uses their Professional Artists Canvases which are made using extra wide stretcher bars with mitred corners, made from Tulipwood (Hardwood) and are stretched with medium grain Italian Linen canvas and fully primed. The canvases are 25mm deep and can be framed in the traditional manor. Alternatively if requested, we can paint the edges and they can be displayed directly on the wall for a more contemporary feel.

pet portrait canvases

I visited Florence Italy in 1993 and bought back with me a selection of papers to experiment with and try. Out of all of the different papers, the Italian Fabriano range was perfect for me. There are quite a few different types of Fabriano, my favourites is an off white, heavy weight, hot pressed variant which has a deckled edge as you can see in the photo below.

pet portraits paper

I couple this with a traditional quintessentially English brand of pencils by Derwent, the pencil factory is located in the north of the UK in a beautiful part of the country.

pet portraits pencils

The photo below was a quick snap I took in the studio one day of Nicholas' brushes in his jug, against his painting on his easel.

pet portraits pencils

Nicholas' brushes and pallet are a very important element to his paintings. Everything is fine tuned to the way he works and paints, even down to his pallet of colours which are very personal and unique to each artist.

pet portraits pencils

We had a delivery of canvases which will keep Nicholas quiet for a few months as you can imagine. They will soon be masterpieces hanging in our clients homes.

pet portraits pencils


Hi Melanie, I opened the portrait (once I got through the bubble wrap!) as soon as I got home on Friday night. It is brilliant! I thought I would know what to expect as I had seen the final stage etc and they were fantastic but the actual portrait exceeded all my expectations. As you know, Naz had to be put to sleep in March and it broke my heart. As daft as it sounds, I feel that he is back with me in a small way when I look at the portrait, so thank you.
Thanks again


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