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Pet Portrait Gift Vouchers

If you are running out time to order a pet portrait for a special occasion or you are unable to acquire photos without ruining the surprise, then our pet portraits gift vouchers could be the perfect option for you. We have a digital gift voucher pack which we email to you or to the reciepeint or we can arrange to make you a gift voucher webpage for the reciepint to see online on their special day.

This means you can show the recipient on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.....or print everything on your home printer to present on the special day. This option is great if clients wish to personalise it further by adding cards and letters from friends and family who might be joining you in a group gift.

Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers

Both Nicholas and myself have client lists as our work is in demand and so we may not be able to meet your required deadline if it is fairly soon. You may have seen our paintings and drawings in our galleries, we work in graphite pencil and oil on canvas. Each piece of artwork is hand drawn and painted by us in our rural studio here in the UK. We are both professional pet portrait artists fully trained in our field.

We are always inundated with enquires, however drawings and paintings can't be created like a production line product within a matter of days. Each commission takes time, from the initial concept through to discussing the photos, creating your mock-ups, placing deposits, ordering canvas and framing which is all bespoke to each client. We are commissioned all year round and are usually working to a 4 month timetable constantly. Pencil drawings can take 1-2 weeks to draw and oil paintings can take between 1 to 4 weeks to paint depending on size and complexity. As you can imagine it only takes a two or three orders per week to book us for a few months in advance and it can vary depending on the time of year.

So to alleviate this, we have been providing clients with email Gift Vouchers or many years which have proved to be very popular.

With regards to payment, you can order a gift voucher of any value, however we prefer either our usual deposit - £200 for pencil and £500 for oils, or full payment for the portrait if you know exactly what you would like. Please view our prices page before ordering.

Why not drop us an email with your requirements or you can purchase your voucher below.

Ordering a Pet Portraits Gift Voucher

Once we have received your order we will be in contact and will require a few details about the recipient, their pet and the kind of portrait you would like to give. Alternatively you can call us here in the studio and we can take your details and order over the phone.

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Our payment system is completely secure using Worldpay as our payment provider. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express. You can also call our studio on +44 (0)1559 384628 to place your order over the telephone. As soon as we have received your payment we will be in contact to discuss your requirements.


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