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Pet Portraits - Gift Vouchers

Both Nicholas and myself work to fairly long time scales and so it's not always possible for us to create a portrait in time for your special date. After all, we don’t want to rush your painting or drawing. Our artwork takes time. We make sure every single portrait receives our undivided attention. Every piece is lovingly hand created and we capture the heart and soul of each pet we portray. This is why our clients come back to us time and time again. It is also why our clients are happy to wait for their painting or drawing!

We do try to meet special occasions if we can, however if we are unable to do this, our gift voucher service could be the perfect option for you. It means that we can either make all the arrangements with you, from choosing photos, size of the portrait, which medium you would like, the composition of the portrait etc or you can just choose an amount you wish to give the recipient and leave them to decide everything! The advantage for the recipient is that they have input into the design of the painting or drawing. They may wish to swap a photo and use one that you are unaware of. They may like to choose their own frame or wording on the engraved plaque for instance.

Personalised Gift Voucher Card

Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers


To order one of our gift voucher cards, please use the form below and fill out all of your details. The cards are personalised so please make sure you fill out all of the sections and include a photo if possible. If you don’t have access to any photos of the recipients pets, we can use one of our paintings or drawings to decorate the card with.

You can have the card sent to you to give personally, or direct to the recipient at their home address. The card size is 132 x 185mm (7 x 5 inches) and it will be sent First Class. We do not charge for the creation or postage of the gift card.

Our base price vouchers are usually our deposit prices. £200 deposit for the pencil drawings and £500 for the oil paintings. Payment is made via PayPal and you do not need an account to pay.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


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