pet portraits by commission

Luxury Framing for Pet Portraits

We work with two amazing companies for our framing. Clients who would like us to frame their portraits can choose from any of the mouldings below - or they can let us know if they are looking for something specific. We have thousands of moudlings to choose form, they cant all be added below. So just let us know your ideas and we can find something perfect for you. Have a look at the images, please note none of them are to scale and if you need any help just drop us a line.

Swept, Ornate and Moulded

The first company we work with is a high quality, bespoke framing company in the UK who provide us with the most stunning and exquisite moulded, ornate and swept frames. The frames below are just a handful of the mouldings they can provide, if there is a particular frame you would like made, show us an example and they should be able to create it. All of the mouldings below can be painted in any Farrow & Ball and Designers Guild colours. They can be in gold, silver, bronze, pewter, plus guilded in gold and silver leaf. All of the frames below suit both our oil paintings and our pencil drawings and are made bespoke for each client on a 3 - 5 week timetable.

SP Detailed Frame

SP Detailed

Reversed Spoon Aged Frame

Reversed Spoon Aged

Reversed Spoon Gold Frame

Reversed Spoon Light Gold

Spoon Gold Frame

Spoon Dark Gold

Reeded Gold Plain Frame

Reeded Gold Plain

Reeded Gold Detail Frame

Reeded Gold Detail

Reeded Gold Detail Red and Cream Frame

Reeded Gold Red & Cream

Swept Gold 1 Frame

Swept Gold 1

Swept Gold 2 Frame

Swept Gold 2

Victorian Florentine Frame

Victorian Florentine

Victorian Champagne Frame

Victorian Champagne

Victorian Pewter Frame

Victorian Pewter

Victorian Ivory Frame

Victorian Ivory

Victorian Ivory Green Frame

Victorian Ivory Green

Whistler Gold Frame

Whistler Gold

Whistler Bronze Frame

Whistler Bronze

Fluted Ivory Green Frame

Fluted Ivory Green


Frames Gold / Pewter and Silver

Our traditional frames are made by our fantastic framer Amanda. With access to a thousand mouldings at her fingertips, we are sure to have something that’s perfect for you. The samples below are just a few that we have used in the past and if you have something specific in mind, or you would like to see these mouldings in more detail, just drop us a line and we can get that arranged for you. Please note none of the images below are to scale. Some of the mouldings below are suited just for pencil drawings - other are for both pencil and oil paintings. If you are unsure if a particular moulding will suit your portrait, email and let us know and we can advise.


Framing Liners - Linen, Gold and Cream Slips

We love adding inner slips or liners with our frame mouldings, the majority of the frames we design have them. It is completely the choice of our clients, however, they usually do defer to us to make the final decision. The liners and slips you see in the section below can match with any of the mouldings above. They really enhance our paintings, particularly the linen slips, especially if there are cream colours within the portrait. It also allows a little barrier between the moulding itself and the canvas. Have a look at our framing gallery below to see more of our frames paired together with slips in more detail.

Framer Liners

Framer Liners

Framer Liners

Framer Liners

Framer Liners

Framer Liners


Mounts / Mats

If you are having a pencil drawing, it must be framed under glass. We use non breakable glass, as our portraits are all sent in the mail. This is a much safer option. The mounts / mats come in a variety of colours and on the whole we like to use a top mount called Hayseed which is a textured cream colour and combine it with a coloured under-mount of either pale grey, dark cream or a slate colour. However, we can provide you with any combination of any colour you prefer. Just let us know your ideas and we can email you photos of your combination with your chosen moulding.

Mount / Mats

Mount / Mats

Mount / Mats

Mount / Mats

Mount / Mats

Mount / Mats


Engraved Plaques

If you would like to have a silver, bronze or gold engraved plaque on your frame we can arrange this for you. We commission a family run company in the South of England who produce beautiful engraved products. You can order any amount of wording / lettering and if you are interested in this option please email us your requirements. Plaques are £45. If you have a look in our framing galleries you can see full photos of the portraits with their plaques displayed.

Engraved Plaques

Engraved Plaques

Engraved Plaques

Engraved Plaques Silver

Engraved Plaques

Engraved Plaques Gold