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The Cottage Garden Renovations

When we bought the cottage it had a fairly narrow garden which was a simple long lawn with shrubs and bushes either side and backed on to woodland at the bottom and side to the right. Little did we know three years after purchasing the cottage we would have the opoportunity of trebbling with size of the garden with an unloved piece of woodland. Read on to find out more!

Top Garden - July 2007

This was the first ever photo of our back garden when we viewed for the first time as the estate agent hid behind the hedge as he didn't want to be in the photo. He is laughing as you can see! Our long term plans for the garden were to divide the top and bottom, so that we had an enclosed cottage style garden with a seating area and a lawned area at the lower end.

cottage gardens renovation

Top Garden- May 2007

A year later we started to change things. We removed the hedge, dug the roots out and began the process of making the divide. The nature pond was a a good place to create the division, quite a lot of work as we are built on bedrock.

cottage gardens renovation

Top Garden - May 2009

Two years later we started to create a proper divide, we still had some lawn at this point which we found difficult to mow. The plants were starting to develop, it takes years for things to grow and gain height which is our main aim for this part of the garden

cottage gardens renovation

Top Garden - May 2011

By May 2011 we had removed all of the grass and graveled the area and started to enclose it all with the taller plants. The nature pond was starting to come to life with frogs and newts.

cottage gardens renovation

Top Garden - July 2014

This is how our top cottage garden looked in 2014. We put up a fence when Lily was a puppy so that we could keep her in the top part of the garden safe. We have electric fence around the bottom garden and woodland to keep the foxes out. She loves the middle garden now and zooms around on the lawn. If you would like to see more photos of the cottage garden, check out our Cottage Garden page >>

cottage gardens renovation

Lower Garden - August 2007

This is what the lower end of the garden looked like on the day we viewed the cottage in May 2007. It was a basic garden with shrubs and lawn generally well maintained as a holiday home garden. This was to all change dramaticall as we purchased woodland to the right in the photo below three years later, read on to find out more.

cottage gardens renovation

Lower Garden - August 2010

The following year we moved a lot of the shrubs to other parts of the garden and started a veggetable patch in the bottom right.

cottage gardens renovation