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Large Format Oil Paintings of Pets

Welcome to our page dedicated to large format oil paintings of pets. Larger paintings, 24" x 18" inches and above are suited to scenic compositions, adding multiple animals within a scene or large head studies where your pets face is the focal point of the painting. As with all of our paintings, we work closely with our clients to design a painting with their ideas and requirements in mind. Some clients send us photos of the location of where the painting will be displayed so that we can choose a suitable scale for the painting and design with their decor in mind.

Additional Services
Due to the scale and value of these larger format painting, we are able to offer some additional services to help our clients during the commissioning process. Where applicable we may be able to visit the client's home or stables to take photographs ourselves, ensuring we have the best possible reference to work from. We can also offer the services of a professional art courier to hand delivery the painting. Obviously these services are applicable to our UK clients, however if you are further afield, we may be able to arrange photography and other services with professionals closer to you.


Bilbo & Mr Kipling in their garden

The first oil painting below was a 30 x 40 inches painting, framed in our Madison frame. The painting was commissioned by Jamie and Lubka from Dorset. The painting depicts their dogs Bilbo and Mr Kipling sitting in their beautiful garden. It was hand delivered by our professional art courier who even helped to unpack the painting ready to be displayed on the wall.

large oil paintings dogs

30 x 40 inches Oil Painting with Mayfair Frame

Dessie & Jasper

Often clients opt for large head studies so that they can really focus in on their dogs faces. This is wonderful as it allows Nicholas to capture lots of detail along with their personality and characters. The 30 x 40 inches oil painting below was commissioned by John based in London of their two dogs Dessie and Jasper. Sadly their black lab Dessie had passed away so it was a very moving birthday gift for John's wife.

large oil paintings

30 x 40 inches Oil Painting with Hampton Frame

BallyCastle King

We are always thrilled when clients visit our studio to collect their paintings. Returning clients Ted and Janice did just that. Ted commissioned an oil painting of his retired racehorse BallyCastle King and you can see a photo of them both with Nicholas and the painting below with two additional framed prints.

large oil paintings

24 x 18 inches Oil Painting with Knightsbridge Frame

Countess & King Edward

The founder of the Bayslis & Harding company commissioned Nicholas to paint her daughters horse and foal called Countess & King Edward. We travelled to Marcia's home to take photos of the horses at their stables and in the field. The oil painting was a 41 x 30 inches painting framed using our Mayfair frame. We delivered the painting ourselves and the photo below is of Nicholas with the painting once it was taken out of its protective crate.

large oil paintings horses

41 x 30 inches Oil Painting with Mayfair Frame

Jack & Leya

This is an oil painting commissioned for the Mourinho family (yes, 'the' Mourinho family!) of their dogs Jack and Leya. The present was a surprise Christmas gift and you can view a video of the framed painting below.

large oil paintings dogs

24 x 18 inches Oil Painting with Hampsted Frame

If you are interested in commissioning an oil painting of your dog, cat or horse, please dont hesitate to email us at any time. Head over to our contact page for more details.


Hi Melanie,
It arrived and its amazing !!!
My mum loves it so much.
Thank YOU! It was a pleasure and the easiest process ever.
Best wishes and give Lily a cuddle from me!
Matilde, Leya and Jack xx


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