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Horse Portraits

Welcome to our horse portraits gallery, we create portraits of horses in both pencil and oils. Nicholas specialises in the horse paintings in oils and I, Melanie, specialise in horse pet portrait drawings in graphite pencil. Horses are one of our favourite animals to portray, not only for their majestic qualities, we also enjoy the challenge of creating the muscle structure and form of the horse.


Jubilee and Trinity

Clive and Jo bred two lovely horses however were taking two years work abroad and so sadly had to move and sell them. Clive is a Parish Priest and his parishioners decided to purchase the painting for Jo and Clive as a leaving present. Clive and Jo loved our oil paintings and opted to have a 16 x 12 inches portrait on a plain background. The portrait came out beautifully and is one of our favourite horse portraits to date. Nicholas has painted them beautifully.

Hi Guys We are delighted they look amazing. Well done to Nicholas! Thank you. Clive and Jo Fairclough
horse pet portraits oils



Richard enquired about having a horse pencil drawing of his wife horse Jasper who sadly had to be put to sleep. Richard said..."He was very much a character, I am thinking of a main head portrait then four smaller pictures around the edge, in time for our anniversary in June." Richard emailed some lovely photos of Jasper which worked perfectly for one of my pet portraits pencil montage drawings. Richard and myself arranged that our framer would frame the portrait and he chose the SP Aged frame which is really lovely, one of my favourites. Laura emailed me when she received the portrait and also sent me a photo of the portrait displayed in their home which you can see below.

Hi Melanie, Rich surprised me with my portrait of Jasper today. It's absolutely amazing!! I love it!! I had Jasper for over 15 years and knew every marking and hair like the back of my hand and you've captured them all perfectly, thank you so much. It's wonderful! We will send you a photo once it's hung. Thanks again, Laura x
horse pet portraits pencil



Una is a returning client and has commissioned a number of portraits from us, including this beautiful horse portrait of Chico. Una had some lovely photos taken of her with her horse and dog in a woodland setting and this close up head shot of Chico cried out to be painted. The dark background allowed Chico's white colouring to really zing from the canvas. We paired the painting with our Chelsea City frame which also works so well with the overall tones and colours of the painting. Una and her family were thrilled as you can read below.

Hi Nicholas and Melanie, We LOVE it. Chico looks great - just like Chico. Can't wait to see it when it arrives. Una x
horse pet portraits oils


Lady Carole Bamford commissioned me to draw a portrait of Siyouni, one of the Aga Khan's stud horses as a present for his birthday. This was the third commission from Lady Bamford and I was thrilled to be creating a portrait for her again, especially for the Aga Khan. I have added a final scan of the stallion Siyouni along with some photos of the portrait with my pencils to show scale. The portrait was a 12 x 10 pencil drawing and Emma, Lady Carole Bamford's personal assistant emailed to let us know it had arrived to them safely.

Yes, portrait arrived safe and well. Thank you. Excellent. I am sure Lady B will love it. Thanks very much, Best wishes Emma (Personal Assistant to Lady Carole Bamford)
horse pet portraits pencil


Cool Clover

Cool Clover - AKA Cheeky, was commissioned by Marion for her daughter Amelia as a surprise Christmas present. It was initially going to be a surprise birthday gift, however there wasn’t quite enough time to meet Marion's required deadline so it was moved to a Christmas surprise instead. Marion requested a 20 x 16 oil painting and her daughter Amelia was thrilled with the final painting as you can read from Marion's emails below.

Dear Melanie and Nicholas, The painting of Cheeky looks terrific - I can't wait to see it in the flesh! If you are going to feature the painting on your website - and it looks so lovely you should! - Cheeky's proper name is Cool Clover. Many thanks, Marion

Dear Melanie and Nicholas, The portrait arrived in good order and is terrific. Amelia unwrapped it on Christmas morning – even though it was intended for her birthday last year, it was lovely to get it in time for Christmas!The painting has captured the horse’s character, and will be a lasting treasure. Thanks to both you and Nick for doing such a sensitive job, in showing Cheeky as he really is, and for putting him in such an appropriate setting and frame. With best wishes for a happy New Year!Marion, Jon & family
horse pet portraits oils

The key in creating a good horse painting or drawing are the horse photos that we work from. We rarely get to meet the horses we portray so we reply on our customers to take, or have someone take photos for us to work from. One of the main questions we are asked is - can you remove the tack form our photo. In general we are unable to do this, however we can often remove head collars. Why not pop over to our dedicated horse site and take a look at our Photography Tips page »


Val rang our studio to find out if Nicholas would be able to create a surprise portrait in time for her granddaughter, Elizabeth's 21st birthday, of her horse Gypsy. Val enlisted the help of her daughter-in-law to take photos of Gypsy using their iPad in the field when Elizabeth wasn't home, to keep everything a surprise. Val also asked if we would be able to frame the painting so that it was all ready for her granddaughter to unwrap on the big day. The portrait was traditionally hand painted by Nicholas at 18 x 14 size and framed using our Chelsea City frame. I have added the final scan along with photos of Nicholas painting with his pallet along with a photo of the painting framed and also being packed ready to send.

The portrait arrived safely on Saturday morning. Elizabeth was delighted and wants to hang the picture in her bedroom much to her Mothers disappointment, who wants it in the sitting room! I will send a photograph when it is in place. It is a hectic week tidying up garden and driveway ready for the party Saturday night. I have been over with some baking today, just to keep them going. Tomorrow it's flowers. Thanks to you both, Nicholas had a very busy time to meet the deadline. please thank him very much. Best Wishes, Val
horse pet portraits oils

Taking photos of horses actual inside the stables doesn’t seem to work as well as the isn’t any natural lighting as such. Our advice for taking photos of horses would be try to take the horse outside in a yard or field and take as many photos as you possibly can. Do the photo shoot over the course of a few days and you will find that out of the many photos you take, you will come up with a handful that will be suitable.



Carrie (Australia) emailed to ask if I would be able to draw 'High Rail the Favorite', her sisters horse, as a very special birthday present. Carrie emailed a number of photos, with one photo she particularly liked which captured their horse well. This was great for me as the photo was stunning and full of light. As Favorite was mainly a white horse and the light was catching the back of his head, I used the mottled shaded background to allow Favoruite to stand out from the white of the paper. The portrait was 14 x 11 inches and Carrie chose to have the drawing framed with our local framer in our very popular Windsor Wash frame, along with a silver plaque.

OMG it looks stunning!! Tarryn is going to love this so much! I can't believe how well it has turned out with the framing, it is so beautiful. I really can't wait to show her. Thank you so much Melanie this is the best birthday gift ever :) Thank you and speak soon, Carrie
horse pet portraits pencil

The sizes of our horse portraits do start at 10" x 8" however we have found for portraits of horses, if your budget allows, it would be preferable to start at the 14" x 11" size. If you have a bespoke size that you would like us to work to, please do email us your ideas and requirements at any time.



Sue Griffith, enquired about having a painting of her daughters horse called George. He is a huge part of their lives and at aged 19 they wanted to have an oil painting of him before he greyed any further. The painting of George was created at 20 x 16 size and they were both delighted with the finished result as you can read below.

Wow, it's AMAZING!!!!  Thank you so much, the likeness is absolutely staggering.  Nick has captured George to a tee and we can't wait to see the original, but know we shall always treasure it.  We simply cannot thank you enough and find it hard to find the words to tell you just how delighted we are.
horse pet portraits oils

We hope you are enjoying our equine horse portraits gallery and if you would like to send us photos of your horses, you are more than welcome at any time - contact us »



Jane and Mark wanted to commission a montage drawing of their daughters horse Casanova for her 16th birthday. Casanova is a huge part of Olivia's life. Jane often takes Olivia around the UK for show jumping competitions and events. They had already chosen the 5 photos they wanted me to work from for the pencil montage. They were great quality and they sent them to me via Dropbox, which is a super way of sending us photos. Jane and myself chatted on the telephone about the photos for the portrait. One of the photos that holds the best memory for them all was the top right photo of Olivia with Casanova when she met him for the very first time. Mark and Jane chose to have the portrait framed in our honey knots frame with a silver engraved plaque set inside the double mount. Olivia was thrilled with the portrait and posted a testimonial on our Facebook page. She also very kindly posed for a photo with the portrait which you can see below.

Hi Melanie, It looks great, Olivia will love it! Cant wait to get it now. Jane x
horse pet portraits pencil

If you would like to see some of our equine portraits in progress we post our portraits daily on our 'On the Easel Blog' so that you can see what we are getting up to in the studio. Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of our website too! On The Easel Blog »


Trail Riders

Troy, locatd in the USA, emailed us initally to find out if we would be able to create a painting of his wife Linda and his two daughter's Lily 9, and Vivien 8, trail riding for Linda's birthday. However Troy was stationed in Afghanistan and was unable to take photos until he returned, he only had access to their facebook page where linda had posted photos of them at the stables and in the field riding. Sadly creating a painting for Linda's birthday from their facebook snaps wasn’t possible, so we postponed the commission until he returned and aimed for a Christmas delivery. Troy was able to get their trainer to take some photos and he took some over the months, so as to not arouse any suspicions. It was a very tricky painting to put together as Nicholas had to work from 8 different photos. One for the background, one for the foreground and another for their house which you can just about see included in the distance. Three each for the horses and riders and then separate ones for clothing as they all needed to be dressed fairly formally. It was one of the most complicated commissions Nicholas has painted, however Troy and his family were thrilled with the results and it arrived just in time for a Christmas delivery. I have added some close up photos of the painting below so our viewers can get an idea of the scale of the painting and the fine detail included.

Hi, thank you for doing all this. The portrait looks great! I'm taking it to get framed. Thank you again for your work and getting it to me so quickly. Troy
horse pet portraits oils


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