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Welcome to our dog portrait artist gallery which depicts some of our favourite dog pet portrait commissions from the last few years in both pencil and oil. The majority of our commissions are of dogs. They are one of the most popular pets and I know we would’t be without our dog Lily!


The oil painting of Bob is one of our dog portraits from 2019 for a client here in the UK. Sadly Bob passed away last year and so Sharon wanted to have an oil painting of him. The portrait was framed using our amazing Highgate Frame which matched with the overall colour scheme beautifully. You can see a photo of Nicholas' hand working on the portrait for scale below along with a line from Sharon’s email when she saw the final photo.

Oh Melanie,
I don’t know what to say, only that has made me cry,  Nicholas has captured him so beautifully.  Thank you.
Nicholas with the oil painting in the art studio


Below is a dog portrait of the gorgeous Freddie who was commissioned by Vanessa George and her family. Freddie looks so alert in the portrait and Nicholas was thrilled to be given the opportunity to paint him for Vanessa and her family.

We received Freddie's portrait and we couldn't be more pleased with it. You have absolutely captured our gorgeous and very loved little doggy. Nicholas you have an amazing talent - and we will treasure the painting forever. Best regards, Vanessa and Philip
Nicholas with the oil painting in the art studio


Returning client Drinda Gibbons (UK) contacted us in November 2018 to ask if we would paint her dog Bryher. Sadly Brhyer had passed away and Drinda wanted to have a 16 x 12 oil painting to display with her other portraits. Drinda was thrilled with the painting and you can read some emails below from Drinda during the process. We have added the final photo of the oil painting, a photo of Nicholas with the portrait along with some detailed close ups too. We hope you like it!

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
It's arrived and it's absolutely magnificent ! A big thank you to Nicholas for a wonderful portrait: he has captured Bryher's character perfectly. But after the last three I expected nothing less! Once we have had him framed I will try and take a photograph. When I tried with the others I always managed to get a flash bounce back but I will have a go. He will then join the others on what my son artlessly calls the 'dead dog' wall and I will try to photograph them all.
Best wishes to you both Drinda and Will xx
Nicholas with the oil painting in the art studio



Bill (USA) contacted us in August 2017 enquiring about having a very special oil painting made of his dearly loved and very much missed French Bull Dog Called Agarn. The dog portrait was to be commissioned for his husband Justin and be a complete surprise for Christmas. Bill sent over a wealth of photos along with letting us know his ideas for a portrait. He wanted Agarn laying with his ball in their living room with their beautiful fireplace behind. We amalgamated a number of photos to create the perfect composition for the portrait which you can see below. Nicholas painted Agarn at 20 x 14 (a bespoke size) and framed using our Kensington gold frame.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas,
The painting arrived today! I opened it just enough to see the painting, and it looks so beautiful and perfect. I then tried to wrap it back up carefully just the way it was sent for Justin to open on Christmas. I’ve loved following the photos and videos you emailed. I would check every day looking anxiously awaiting new updates. This has been such a wonderful experience for me. Thank you so much for giving life to our treasured Agarn once again. This means the world to us. Many thanks again, and best wishes to you for a happy holiday season, Bill
dog pet portraits oils


Jenny and Fern

Tara and her company purchased one of our gift vouchers as a retirement present for their employee Gail. Gail had two beautiful cocker spaniels called Jenny and Fern. Tara felt that a portrait of them would be a really lovely leaving present. Tara wanted Gail to have complete control over the gift and have exactly what she wanted so the Gift Voucher idea was perfect. Gail took lots of photos of her dogs and emailed me plenty of photos to draw from. As you can see the portraits came out beautifully. I drew Jenny and Fern on a 16 x 12 size which is perfect for two head studies. You can read one of Gail emails below and see photos and details of the portrait too.

Hi Melanie,
Received the picture yesterday all in tact. Both my husband and I are very very please with it. It looks amazing. I have attached a picture. Thank you again for everything it has been well worth the wait.
Gail xx 
dog pencil pet portraits



Kimberly enquired about having an oil painting of her boyfriend Criag's Shetland sheepdog who sadly passed at aged 15. Kimberly wanted the painting to be 18 x 14 in size and also requested the painting to be framed with our local framer, so that when the portrait arrived it was all ready to present to Craig . I have added a final stage of Joey along with photos of the portrait framed and a close up detail with Nicholas and his brush next to the canvas to show scale. Kimberly sent us the most wonderful email below which our visitors just have to read.....

The portrait of Joey is even more stunning in person! After Joey passed away last spring, I searched for a pet portrait artist that would be able to create a portrait that looked like Joey. Obviously, by the beautiful imagery on your website, I knew that we would be receiving a painting that looked like Joey. What was unanticipated is how much the painting feels like him. Craig and Joey were together for 15 years and has been a great loss to our family. Craig told me that when he opened the portrait for the first time it was as if Joey was looking back at him and that the painting captures Joey's soul. As I stated to Melanie upon seeing the first final stage of the portrait, it is beyond words. The portrait is already hanging in our family room, and we can feel Joey's presence all the more now. We love it and are so appreciative for the beautiful painting. Kimberly
dog pet portraits oils


Violet, Gill, Charlie and Rooney

Marcella emailed to ask if I would be able to draw three dog portraits for her family in time for Christmas. The dogs were two English Setters called Violet and Gill, a white Setter called Rooney and a gorgeous Springer Spaniel called Charlie. Charlie was Marcella's dog, Rooney belonged to her sister and Violet and Gill belonged to Marcella's parents. It was a lot for Marcella to organised and she framed them herself when the drawings arrived, she wrapped and placed them under the tree in time for Christmas day. I have added lots of photos of the final stage, close up photos and a lovely photo of Marcella's sister and mum holding their dog portraits.

Oh my goodness, my mom is going to LOVE it. Charlie is too cute. I love the detail you were able to add on his nose! And you got all the dogs' curls perfectly. I love Violet's little lopsided ears and Gil's curls on the top of his head!
dog portraits dog pet portraits


Les and Alfie

Kerrie contacted us to see if we would be able to paint a particular photo their family loved of Kerrie's dad and Alfie, their dog who sadly was not with them any longer. They loved the photo, however it was taken in a car park. Working together we found a different background, somewhere the whole family knew and enjoyed - a beach near to their home. The painting was to be a 65th birthday gift for Kerrie's dad and the whole family was in on the surprise - apart from Les of course! The dog portrait was painted in oils on linen at 16 x 12 and framed using Traditional Flat frame with inner linen slip, perfect for the overall colour scheme of this painting.

Wow, just wow! Mum (and I) think it's fabulous!! Nicholas really has captured both Les and Alfie down to a tee. It made her a bit teary!! Just amazing. Please thank Nicholas for us xxx
dog pet portraits


Stanley and Jarvis

Sarah purchased a gift voucher for a 24 x 18 framed dog portrait in pencil for her friend Paula and their family. Their dogs are called Stanley and Jarvis. Paula took a lovely photo of them which was perfect for a portrait, and it included a lovely background too, which I added in the drawing. It allows the dogs to be in a scene. Paula opted to have the pet portrait framed using the Sandringham Silver frame which works so well with my pencil drawings. You can see two testimonials below from both Sarah and Paula along with a lovely photo of the portrait of Stanley and Jarvis in Paula's kitchen diner.

It's beautiful Melanie! I love it! Thanks so much! Will get one of our lab soon too! Sarah X

Dear Melanie, It's really beautiful – I think you have captured them really well. Ben and I are really happy. Best Wishes Paula

pet portraits pencils


Mr Bones

Sarah (USA) contacted us to find out if we would be able to paint Mr Bones, a truly special dog. Mr. Bones was her son Walker's dog and they very sadly had to put him to sleep and he was his love. Sarah gave Mr. Bones to him when he was 18 years old with the caveat that he might not make it. Sarah is a vet and they found him in their back yard. Mr. Bones managed to survive and become an integral part of Walkers life. Walker is a Marine and Sarah wanted the portrait to be there for Walkers Wing Ceremony - which we did. We always like to meet special occasions if we can. The photo below shows walker on his special day - with the painting of Mr Bones.

Oh my. It is beautiful!! He loves it!! Thank you all for making it possible and getting it there in time. Everyone was totally impressed!!
oil pet portraits


Dexter, Tui and Purdey

Heather contacted me to ask if I would be able to draw their three dogs, Dexter, Tui and Purdey as a surprise 60th Birthday present for her mother. The photo of all three dogs was taken using an iphone a few years ago, so it didn’t hold a lot of detail, however it was enough for me to portray them in a pencil drawing. Heather opted to have the dog pet portrait framed with our framer which is a lovely aged gold frame with a double mount in Hayseed. I have added the final stage below along with some candid photos of the portrait with my pencils to show scale and some words from Heather too.

Hi Melanie,The portrait is absolutely beautiful! Really excited to give it to her :-) Thank you so much!! Best Wishes, Heather
 pets in pencil



Cinega's oil painting was painted by Nicholas for Karen who wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday. Karen emailed us.... "Cinega is a 10 year old Hungarian Vizsla and very beautiful, with a growing white face. She has lots of expression in her face, I am sure you can pick this up..." Karen's husband is a photographer so they had ample photos to chose from. Karen chose this very elegant pose below and once the painting had been framed and received by her husband, they very kindly sent a photo of Cinega's dog pet portrait on the wall.

Dear Nick & Melanie, We received the picture and its lovely. My husband loves it, it is an amazing likeness thank you. Nicolas you are a very talented man. With best wishes, Karen
dog portrait oils



Andy, a returning client, commissioned me to draw his friends dog Django in pencil. I have added a final stage of Django along with some candid photos of the portrait with my pencils to show scale.

Hello Melanie, Wow! The portrait is absolutely beautiful! Thank you and you do incredible work! Best Regards, Andy
pet portraits pencils



Jennifer (USA) commission a portrait of her partners dog Lance who is an Entlebucher Mountain dog. Jennifer and Bob were due to be married in 2017 and Jennifer wanted to present the oil painting of Lance to her husband to be on their rehearsal wedding meal with all of their closest friends and family present. You can see a photo of Jennifer and Bob at the rehearsal dinner below where the painting still has its foam wrapping around. Once they had returned form their honeymoon Jennifer very kindly took a photo of Lance, Bob and the portrait which you can see below. They were thrilled with the painting and we are pretty sure Lance was impressed too!

I just wanted to update you on was a hit! I gave the portrait to Bob at our rehearsal dinner last Friday and to say the least, there were tears because he was so happy and emotional.Thank you so much for helping to make our big day special. Jennifer
oil portraits

Read the full story about the oil painting of Lance and view photos of the happy customers with the painting....



Don (Canada) enquired about having a pencil drawing of his English Setter called Daemon. This was quite an unusual commission as Don requested to also have a drawing created of Daemons paw. It was to be drawn as though we were looking up at his paw at the pads although as if it was pressing down while walking. Don had photos for me to work with and I completed the head study at 12 x 10 and the smaller paw drawing at 6 x 4 inches. Don emailed the most beautiful testimonial which you can read below.

Hi Melanie,
Your portrait arrived today without complications. Both drawings are beautiful. You are a talented artist. The back story on ordering the portrait might interest you being a pet lover.
When I contacted you, Daemon was alive and well. He suffered from a chronic health issue but that never detracted from his happy demeanour. In November, his health deteriorated and we made the terrible decision to end his suffering. We were both deeply attached to him and still miss him every day.
While I have many photos of him, your drawing seems to create more emotional responses to his memory. I think it truly captures his spirit.
Thanks Again.
Don Surphlis
pencil portraits



Una, a returning client, commissioned us to paint her gorgeous Labrador retriever called Amber. Una and her husband were looking at having a large painting 50 x 25 inches, depicting Amber as a puppy in the center along with two of her as she is now running in the water. They had taken lots of photos of Amber in her favourite activity, splashing in the river near their home. They also commissioned a painting of Una's horse, Chico which you can see in the horse portraits gallery.

Hi Melanie and Nicholas, We have just picked them up and they are fantastic. We LOVE them. We won't fully unwrap them till we arrive in the US but will send you a photo in their new home. Thank you both very much. They look fantastic. Una and Gwynne plus Amber and Chico
oil portraits



Allie (UK) found our website and loved my pencil drawings. She emailed over some photos of her dearly departed Cocker Spaniel Monty and placed a deposit immediately to save a space for a pencil portrait. Allie supplied me with wonderful photos of Monty which were perfect for a pencil drawing. I created the drawing at 12 x 10 size and once complete Allie took it to her own local framer and had it framed. You can see photos below of the completed framed drawing along with a candid photo of the drawing with my pencils. Allie emailed during the prices and I have added snippets below for our visitors to read.

Oh Melanie, I think you have captured my beautiful boy perfectly, his eyes in particular....

Hi Melanie,
I picked up Monty today. He looks so very regal and handsome and it is such a very good likeness. Thank you Melanie.
Best wishes
pencil portraits



The oil painting of Spyder was commissioned by Karen and her husband Alan of their gorgeous Italian Greyhound called Spyder. Karen was delighted with the finished painting and you can see a photo of Spyder with Karen and Alan along with the portrait displayed in their home below.

We love the photos of the portrait so far!  Nicholas is doing a great job, especially in capturing Spyder’s eyes, which are one of his most handsome features! Karen
dog pet portraits



Dwayne and Jo Floyd contacted us soon after their gorgeous Beagle Christopher sadly passed away. They wanted a painting their whole family would remember him by. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed painting him and I have added a final stage along with photos of Nicholas painting him and singing the portrait too! We framed the portrait and also Dwayne and Jo decided to have an engraved plaque in Bronze with Christopher’s name on. Dwayne and his family very kindly emailed us a photo of the painting in situ. We love to see where our portraits are displayed - perfect!

Hello Melanie & Nicholas,
The painting arrived today and we are speechless. We knew it would be of high quality but to see the painting of our Christopher in person was amazing and very emotional. My wife actually cried upon seeing it. We absolutely love everything about it. Everything about this experience has been perfect and the packaging of the painting was very professional, We thank you both very much and We will send pictures very soon.
Thank You. Dwayne & Jo Floyd
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