pet portraits by commission

Melanie and Nicholas - Commissions List

This page is for our current clients waiting to have their portraits painted or drawn by us. The thumbnails below are for our clients to see that their portraits are in our list and they can check back week by week to see how they are moving up the list.

The pictures below show either the reference photo we will work from or the mock-up we have created for our clients to view. Some images are zoomed in to fit the square thumbnail size. Click on each image below to view the mock-up in full.

If you would like to see our current portraits progress we post photos and videos daily on our 'On The Easel' blog. We also post to our facebook and Instagram. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel too.

Nicholas - Commissions List

vinnie marley nohea radley chino Lance Agarn Amber



Leon Shannondale Inca Harry and Oscar Luke Dudley



Melanie - Commissions List

Deano Ole & Neo Sika Twilight Ellie Cinnamon Mamesuke Chowie Hettie, Otter & Rocket Ellie Avery