Pet Portraits in Oils & Pencils From Photos

by melanie and nicholas

Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers

pet portraits gift voucher


Pet Portraits Gift Vouchers

If you are running out time to order a pet portrait for a special occasion or you are unable to acquire photos without ruining the surprise, then our gift vouchers could be the perfect option for you. Our vouchers are very popular for many occasions particularly our pencil drawings for the 1st anniversary which is 'paper'.

We provide our vouchers in two ways. Our boxed gift voucher pack comprises of a beautiful deep purple presentation box, tied with a silk ivory bow and a printed label. Inside the box the recipient will find a professionally printed 7" x 5" glossy card, blank for your own message, the voucher, a mockup if that option has been chosen, along with our promotional material and a personal letter from us. I can guarantee the recipient will be impressed when they receive this as a gift.

Alternatively if there isn't time to send a voucher in the mail, we have digital versions of our vouchers which we email to you direct to show the recipient on a computer or tablet, or print everything on your home printer to present on the special day. This option is great if clients wish to personalise it further by adding cards and letters from friends and family who might be joining you in a group gift.


Ordering your voucher

Option 1
If clients have access to photos of the pet they would like portrayed, we can arrange everything prior to the voucher being presented. Email us your photos and requirements and you can place a deposit or pay in full so the recipient doesn't have to do anything. The portrait can be added into our client list, we can then send the voucher pack along with the mockup of the portrait so that the recipient can see what their portrait will be like and also know the approximate start date too. In this option the costs of the portrait are not printed in the voucher pack.

Option 2

If clients are unable to acquire photos to arrange everything with us before hand, or they would just like to send a traditional set amount voucher to a recipient, this is the choice for them. Clients can order a voucher for any price, we have a list of standard voucher prices to purchase on our prices page, however if you would like to order a different amount just drop us a line. The amount of the voucher is usually printed in this option, if you would prefer it to be hidden / pay for the entire commission yourself please let us know upon ordering. Once the recipient has received the voucher, they can email or telephone us to arrange the photographs and the portrait details.

When redeeming, recipients who wish to add to their voucher will be purchasing on our current price list and will be added to our client list when everything is arranged. Recipients are able to add to the value of their voucher and can order any size, medium, frames and plaques. All of our pet portraits gift vouchers are valid for two years and our vouchers are dated and signed by ourselves.

If you have any questions about ordering a voucher please don't hesitate to email or telephone us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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pet portrait gift voucher

pet portraits gift vouchers


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