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Where We Live - Wales

If you are looking to commission either Nick or myself and are wondering where exactly we are in the world, the map below will give you an idea where we are. We are in the UK, Wales to be exact. There are some beautiful places to visit here and luckily for us because we don't live in a tourist area, the population is relatively low so everything is very natural and unspoiled. We live very close to a forest, run by the forestry commission where there are miles of forest walks which pass rivers and streams - great habitats for wildlife. Have a look at a few of the lovely places in our local area below, which will hopefully give you a better idea of where we are!


map of the world

Red Kite Studios

Our buisness name is Red Kite Studios, simply because Red Kites are frequentry seen in the skys soaring above our studios and across Wales. There are a nesting pair near us and they are beautiful to watch. They are very distinctive, you can recognise them when flying due to their forked tail and if you can see their markings they have a white / grey head and stunning red and orangy feathers. Its just the perfect name for us.


red kites - over red kite studios

Working with cleints Worldwide

If you are at all worried that we seem a million miles from where you are and you are thinking, 'How can we commission them, they are so far away!' Its not a problem at all. Most of our portraits are commissioned from USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, just to name a few - and of course the UK! We are used to dealing with people from all over the world.


pembrokehshire waves

Both of these photos (above and below) were taken at different times in Pembrokeshire West Wales, which is one of our favoruite places to visit. Its a couple of hours drive from us, so we visit more for a full day trip when we are taking time out from the studio. The beach is amazing and we hope to take Tom there one day as he will love it.


west wales coast

There are also plenty of cliff walks and you can see we were looking right down on the coastline in this photo. You can even see out to the various islands and rocks as well as the headland curving around on the coast.


neolithic burial chamber of coitan arthur in pembrokeshire


This is a must if you ever visit pembrokeshire, its a neolithic burial chamber (between 4000 - 2000bc) of Coetan Arthur. Its a fair walk along the coastal path to get to it, but we love to walk and its fairly easy to get to and well worth the trip. Great views when you get there too. If you would like to view more photos and are interested in the history of the burial chamber take a look at this article - Coetan Arthur




Moving away from Pembrokshire a little now and looking up more towards central to wales, and this is relatively high up with a moreland habitat. You can sometimes see Welsh mountain ponies here - plus a lot of sheep too!

One of the shorter walks we take nearer to where we live, travels along a meandering river through the valley where there are many different habitats for wildlife and we have seen otters, dippers, herons and of course its a great place for people to fish too.


rver walk in wales

The habitat can change fairly quickly and you can go from old native woodland into more open grassland as you can see above, which is on the same walk as the woodland walk above.



The west coast of wales is certainly a beautiful one, steeped in history and these volcanic rock formations are no exception. They are simply fascinating. Look closely in the picture above and you can almost see an eye in there!


west wales

We are always happy for clients to visit our studio and cottage and if you would like to bring your pets, or your photos to us, don't hesitate to email us and we can arrange a time and date for you to visit. We can also give you directions as we can sometimes be tricky to find. While you are here you might want to stop over in Wales to visit some of the lovely places on this page!


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