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The Packing Studio

In 2012 we decided to add a workshop shed down the bottom of the garden so that we could store all of the packing material and have a large space to pack up the big paintings. Its surprising how much room we need and our little cottage isn't really conducive to packing 30 x 24 framed oils!

Nick made the base for the shed to sit on and made sure it was sturdy enough so we could store heavy things in there and the shed company did the rest. The photos below are from summer 2013 and we still have a lot to do. The inside is still 'in progress' it is a bit of a jumble in there at the moment and when we get it organized I'll take some photos to add here. I have plans on painting it cream inside and giving it a bit of a shabby chic look. Its a bit more shabby than chic at the moment :) but its fantastic for storage.

We purchase our hardboard in large 8'x4' sheets and so the having the space to cut them is wonderful and we can now buy the large bubble, bubble wrap rolls in bulk as they take up a lot of room. We laid heavy duty rubber matting on the floor, the kind they use in gyms or for horse boxes and it has turned out to be a fantastic base for the floor. Easy to clean and we can cut the hardboard on it too.Ill post more photos when we have done the inside out properly.

packing studio
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